this has got to be my…10 hundredth blog. no kidding! i liked my old one somewhat, until i started trying to get wise and poetic and kept thinking about what i’d write before i wrote it…i was trying to avoid that too. only about two people knew the address to my old blog and yet i put so much time and effort into writing and editing each post, ‘specially since it was supposed to be something like a diary for me too. so i got this new blog…i’ll probably have everything on it. things i like, dislike, how my day went, what i ate, how i felt about something, movie reviews, how cute something is, whatever.


i was completely honest, for a point, on my old blog because i knew that no one would read it. i’m going to continue being honest on this blog…i’m not sure if people are gonna read it. if you pissed me off or something, expect to read about yourself on the blog. i’ll tell you exactly how you made me feel, whether it was happy, sad, joyful, disgusted, the world will know. then again…if you really pissed me off i’ll probably have already b*tched at you in your face…but anyway…if you’re sensitive and prone to crying, do not continue. if you’re going to pick fights with me if i do write about you and you don’t like it then tough, i’ll kick your ass. you have been warned. take what i say with a grain of salt (i don’t actually know what this means but it sounds cool right about now).

also, if you’re easily confused…you should probably also stop reading. my posts have a tendency to jump around or maybe make completely NO SENSE every now and then.

you have been WARNED! proceed at your own risk.

chya ne!


Posted September 5, 2008 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

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