so i'm sitting here in the honors lounge after having skipped government class for the third time in a row.   Leave a comment

before it was because i needed time to finish my french and today it was just that i got here half an hour late. anyway, i know there’s a test coming up next week and therefore i swear i’ll go to class on tuesday. i guess to pass this test all i need is to study the notes which are all posted online. i’ll take notes on the notes later today and this weekend.

anyways, there are these magazines on the table that i’m sitting at and i’m sorta not understanding my french hw so i decided to open up the magazine and there’s this poem on the back page. it reads like something i’ve always wanted to write but am not poetic enough to put together.

For You

I once read a poem that compared a pomegranate to a heart. And there were sparrows darting in and out of the lines, violets throwing off moonlight like old coats, and a student raising her hand to say I don’t get it. Someone loved someone else, though someone else didn’t love someone back, or someone else did but there was an obstacle, maybe the sparrows darted dangerously near the pomegranate and pierced it or the violets stole someone’s letters, kept them folded in their small blossoms because they believed they deserved them more than someone else. This poem is based on that one. And also on the time we took a scenic route through aspens and you told me how they always spread after a fire season because when the pines burn down they leave enough space for new trees to grow. The poem was entitled “For You.” And we kept driving and driving until winter came, smoothing the roads white with tiny combs of ice–your fingers ready to sculpt my shape out of snow so that you could ease into the hollow chest and leave a pomegranate safe from sparrows–the violets suddenly confessing everything to the student whose face opens like sunrise when she says I understand nowI understand

– Danielle Deulen

Posted September 11, 2008 by .unpaused. in Life

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