my camera broke…again.   Leave a comment

i bought it like…last…last july..? i think. i’m not sure. but anyway, one morning last winter i took it out to take a picture of this deer that was munching on stuff at the edge of the forest near the parking lot and i couldn’t see anything. it took pictures, the lens was just completely messed up or something. it was all black and weird looking. i sent it in to be fixed because it hadn’t been a year yet so we still had the warranty. then the other day i took out the camera to upload pics of what i’m gonna wear for my dance performance so i can send them to tina and the thing was messed up, again! now though the screen was white. it was like someone took the lens of the camera and spraypainted it white with the spraypaint tool on those paint programs on pcs. you could still make out some stuff but not much. so i tried to take pics and when they were uploaded it looked fine, just like last time, i just can’t see anything on the lcd screen. so maybe it’s the lcd screen that’s broken and not cuz of the lens. but whichever, i think i need a new camera. i never liked kodaks! the lcd screen is so flimsy. i’m afraid of breaking it by just touching it! i thought this one was pink so i bought it…and it was 8 mp which i thought was good but it’s not that great. it doesn’t take pictures all that well. i think i read somewhere that higher dp is best not mp. and i’m def. going to best buy this time if i do buy a new camera…instead of circuit city. that place suuuuucks mann!

yesterday i went to dinner with thien-an and she was talking about stuff and one of those stuff was how she can just look at someone’s face and tell things about them but not in a judgemental way and as i was listening i was like i can do that too i look at people and immediately think “you suck.”


Posted September 12, 2008 by .unpaused. in Life

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