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i was, at some points, happy, excited, nervous, upset, annoyed, angry, pissed, and then free. i also learned a new feeling word: void. empty basically. well i’ve felt that way a lot, usually it’s not offset by anything which i guess is a characteristic of it. anyway, i felt it again and tried to explain it to otouto and he told me that he and a friend of his just figured that that feeling was “void.” smarty. anyway, at least now i know what to call it. it’s like, i feel it and then it just gets worse and worse because i never knew “what” it was or how to explain it but giving a name to it helps a lot. i felt better after figuring that out.

anyway, i’m sleepy and completely drained. i was reminded of some things i didn’t really know. “reminded” because technically i should’ve learned these lessons a long time ago and i thot i did but then realized i hadn’t. so w.e. i think i’ve somewhat learned it now.

i have got to finish all my hw tomorrow so that i can get started on writing letters to my friends.

nighty night night!


Posted September 21, 2008 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

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