sooooooo last night i sent an email to my cousin in vn who's a few years older than me but calls me the "older" cousin because my father was the oldest   Leave a comment

anyway, mother’d wanted me to send out some measurements to the cousin to tell her mother because they’re having something tailored for me. this morning the cousin emails me back and the email’s sort of hard to read at places because it’s in viet but she didn’t put in accents, and she has typos, but she basically says that mother had told her that i don’t have many friends and she goes on about how i shouldn’t be so self conscious about me being fat and how she used to be fat like me and how she had to cut down on eating, esp. fruit because she loves fruit, and how much she weighs now (but it’s in kg, not lbs so i can’t tell the difference anyway) and how…this part really gets me…since i don’t have very many friends i should try talking to my mother and how in the end family is the best and how she used to give her parents a hard time too but now she knows better and she loves her parents. i loved mine too, my dad. i hate my mother and she should just get that through her head. i’m not gonna even try and guess how much my mother had to say to persuade my cousin to email me all that shit. even if she didn’t have to persuade my cousin who the hell goes around telling people your daughter never talked to how your daughter doesn’t have any friends? anyway, my cousin continues on to how her sister (who’s 6 months younger than me) is also very difficult and stubborn and doesn’t talk a lot and how she’s always trying to help her sister by saying that if you have anything bothering you you should tell grownups because they know better and shizz….i’m sorry but i think she’s the child here. whenever i tried to tell mother stuff she just shooooots me down so fuck it.

at first i was sorta excited that she emailed me because mother had forbidden me to contact her at all a few years ago and used my being in school as an excuse. so when i read the first few lines of the email i was excited to reopen the email and read the whole thing in class…then i got to class and actually read the email and i was like…”wtf…?”

i think i might email back and be like “so what’s your younger sister’s email address?” or just not email back at all.

anyway, i just thot it was interesting. fuck what she says. so what if i don’t talk a lot or “share.” i bet i have more shit to go through than her. her parents are not the same as my one pathetic mother. i do feel sorry for my mother every now and then and i do try to empathize with her sometimes but then she’ll just do something to piss me off. this whole post is pissing me off!



Posted September 24, 2008 by .unpaused. in Life

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