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i bs-ed the shit outta my french paper which is like 20% of my grade, and i found out i got a d on that science test i took. dammit wtf?

i’m on the shuttle going to west campus parking and i’m standing because there are no more seats and chivalry is dead and this dude who’s sitting in the seat right where i’m standing keeps looking around and finally looks down at my purse, i had my headphones in so i didn’t hear anything but then i heard some dudes go waaaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa really loudly and i thot…o yea…my phone’s on ring…and the ring is konichiwa konichiwaa kooooniiiiiiiwhiiiiiwaaaaaaaa. haha i laffed to myself. then i got to my car and as i was reversing out this car came speeding up from my left and stopped like two cars away and honked and i was already out enough to turn my head which means that if he’d hit me, he woulda been at fault…who the hell drives like that in the parking lot where mostly freshmen who also don’t know how to drive park anyway? so anyway he honks at me and i stop and was going to shift and drive up so he can get through but as he’s driving past the kids sitting in the back cup their hands over their mouth and said something so i assumed they were saying something mean so what’d i do…o i just flicked ’em off. usually i don’t do that, i always react too slowly to honk or flick ppl off but i did it then and it felt good.

then as i was driving away i listened to the voicemail i got from my uberly cute insurance agent and it was funny. then i called him back and he was funny and it made me giddy because i’m really 5 years old. and he asked for my email cuz i asked him to send something to me through there instead of snail mail and he asked if i still went to mason and i said yea and he said something either on the lines of visit me there one day or see me there one day. it was most probably just that he might see me there cuz he’s prollie going there himself who’d actually make an effort to come see me esp. a cutie like him? anywayyyy i couldn’t make out what it was really so i just said “OK!” god i’m so freakin awkward.

then when i got home i got the mail and reed’d sent me some cute little pooh bear stickers and that made me even more happy!

but then..because i’m a stalker…i was like…hrmmm the insurance agent’s only a few years older than me maybe he has a facebook! so i searched him and i came up with someone whom i think is him and i’m like cool! of course i’m not gonna add him because who does that? and then i briefly notice that we have one mutual friend and i’m like whoa who would that be? and so i click on it and it’s taking forever to load and i’m like omg wth and finally it loads and i go “OMG WTFFF????” out of all people! ALL people it just had to be her! of course he had to know her! of course, because she’s this pretty, cute, nice, awwweeeesome little thing who knows just about everybody so of course she’d know him too! as if it wouldn’t be hard enough already!

see now i don’t even know what i’m talking about because technically it don’t matter if they knew each other because like anything’d happen anyway with me and him but still! wth man???? WHYYYYYYYYYY

this was going to be a post about how easy it is for me to get happy but now it’s just about how bipolar i am!

the end!!!


Posted September 26, 2008 by .unpaused. in Life

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