so i'm at work right now editing this powerpoint presentation thing that i made to help me present this project that i worked on over the summer.   Leave a comment

some ppl from the grants administration asked me to gather all their photos into a collection complete with metadata and everything. it’s an ongoing project because there can always be new pictures found or sent to us and stuff. anyway, the ppl who asked me to do the project asked me to present it to the other ppl in the grants branch and i got really, really nervous. i thot, well, if it goes well then either one) fine w.e. or two) they could go and tell my supervisor and/or the chief of the division about how well i did and something good’d happen. or it could totally suck at which point i hope they don’t tell anyone.

so…to help with my nerves i decided to make a powerpoint presentation so that i’ll have something to do as i talk and stuff. i utterly SUCK at presentations, i always get nervous and my voice gets high or cracks, it’s terrible, really.

at first it was only going to be the grants branch, and not all of them might even come, but if they all did come it would be like…about six people not including me and the two ppl who asked me to do the project in the first place. on monday however, i went into their office to show them what i’d already had and so for some reason they decided to invite a total of about 16 people. 16! from 6…to 16! they kept going “o we should invite…o and also…o and they would wanna see this too…” as i sat there and thot…”kill me now.”

i mean, not everyone they invite is going to come…but a lot might. and everyone invited does know who i am so they’ll be nice to me but…this is a work presentation, i can’t mess up. they didn’t invite the division chief but they invited his deputy. and they invited my supervisor.

i’m scared! i mean, i got the material pretty much down since i created the whole thing from start to present but still…omg presentations! so many ppl! my future could be at stake here!

ah well…now i’m in the process of editing what i already have and the first presentation is scheduled for next monday. “first” presentation because just in case ppl want to see but can’t make it on monday, they can come on another day. well…it should be alright and maybe i’ll turn out well like..i’ll get promoted. lolz. when i think about it it doesn’t seem like a very big major project, but they think it’s huge, but it’s ongoing and they want me to continue with it at least for awhile. and this is just a “look what we got” kinda thing, they’re hoping that the other ppl from the grants branch would want their own collection developed and…well…who better to start it than me? the one who did the originial collection?

i’m thinking waaaaaaaay too far ahead. none of this might happen. i’ll probably just give the presentation and they’ll all go, bravo she’s pretty competent…and that’ll be it. but….


and they’re making me sound better than i actually am. i’m not just being insecure. eh i dunnoe. this is probably a very good opportunity for me to lightly establish myself at work so i’m gonna do my uber best. fighto! CO LEN!

Posted October 1, 2008 by .unpaused. in Life

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