i went into the kitchen to find breakfast/lunch and otouto was there   Leave a comment

and i brought out the whole box of lobster left overs from the wedding and then rummaged through the other boxes to find rice and maybe some duck. well i found another box of lobster and i go “whoa more lobster” and otouto goes “don’t eat it all we have to save it!” ok so there’s a whole 6inx6in box of lobster that i already brought out and for some reaon i’m going to eat all of that plus the other box of lobster. because i’m that much of an idiot and want mother to bitch at me and because i’m that much of a pig so i wanna eat it all?

god i’m so sick and tired of all the idiot inconsiderate rude slow boys that i’m surrouded with. usually this type of character comes up when ppl are too comfortable around me. but i think this time i’ve been too comfortable around otouto. i guess just like with the dance group i should suck it up and act more like an older authority figure rather than a friend.


Posted October 5, 2008 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

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