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i went on to and downloaded some cool stuff but apparently the only thing that’s working well is the tetris. lolz. there was this one program called startrail that left a trail of stars everywhere your mouse went and exploded stars when the mouse stops moving…then 30 minutes later i find out it was only a 30 minute trial. that sucked cuz it was really pretty. and i got another program called clover diary which is totally japanese. but you can only post like once a day instead of as many times as you want like on here. it’s easier to post pictures tho…well at least i think. i can always go in and edit the posts but…eh…w.e. i sorta like this more. lolz. we’ll see. that clover diary thing is on my computer only so no one can see it, not like anyone sees this anyway. if i do end up using that program then i won’t be coming back here…maybe…i dunnoe.


so apparently the trial expires every 30 minutes but all you have to do is reopen it. haha good for me!!


Posted October 7, 2008 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

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