so i was going to try a real and substantial post but i'm supposed to be doing hw   Leave a comment

…and i’ve been spending so much time doing paperwork and then fixing up the blog that i figure i probably shouldn’t be wasting any more time. of course i’ll prolly put on another horror movie as i do hw…i think it’s completely called for.

and this layout, i love it! it’s so cute and colorful but not too much…the background is just the right color to offset the pictures. and the embedded song is nice too…that’s good cuz now i won’t have to figure out how to put music on my own.

and last night after the ht meeting everyone went out to a buffet. it was my first time going out with them, it was fun, sad to say.

during the late, late dinner a phong started laughing for no reason because we were pretending that we were laughing at cha luan. well anh phong just laughed and laughed and then other people started to laugh and soon we were all laughing and crying. it was one of those “pure happy” moments. it was weird because i hadn’t done that since high school. it always felt great. my eyes would tear up and my tummy’d hurt but it would always feel great. it felt extra nice last night since i hadn’t done it in a long time.

laughter really is contagious. thank god for that.

okie…off to do hw!

Posted October 12, 2008 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

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