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I’ve always loved the Justice Bao series. There’s been a lot made and sadly I haven’t been able to watch them all. I do hope to one day own all of the Justice Bao stuff no matter which version.

Just a little background information: Justice Bao (full name Bao Zheng) is an official who lived during the Song dynasty. According to Wikipedia he really did exist but since I’ve never taken Chinese history, I’ll just talk about what I know of him through the movies and series that I’ve seen. Bao Gong, as he’s commonly called, usually travels, solves crimes, and rights wrongs with his trusted sidekicks: Zhan Zhao (whom I’m in loveeeee with. I love the actors but I think that’s because they all acted his character really well), Gongsun Ce (I like him too, both his young and old characters), and his four guards (Wang Chao, Ma Han, Zhang Long, and Zhao Hu. In the Young Justice Bao series they had more film time but in the older versions, as I remember them, which isn’t very well, their characters weren’t focused on as much but…I still love them)

I think the reason I love the Justice Bao series so much is because every other series about officials and nobles has everyone pitting against each other. No one’s respected anymore because no one actually got where they were through merit. No on stands up to the king but everyone talks about him behind is back. It’s amazing to think that China ever lived peacefully after all the stuff that’s depicted in their series. I know it’s just movies and entertainment but come on, give me a righteous, powerful king with trustworthy officials and not-conniving wives every now and then!

The Justice Bao team is completely opposite of almost every other “official” team in the other series that I’ve seen. Justice Bao and his group are always loyal to each other and they respect each other. In the young Justice Bao series, Zhan Zhao is significantly younger in age than the rest of the group and yet he’s the leader of the four guards. He’s the best in martial arts and so they trust his skills and don’t argue with him. Sounds fake right? Well for some reason with Justice Bao, it’s believable.

Like I said before, there’ve been many, many different versions made of the Justice Bao stories and I haven’t even been able to see half of them. There are certain actors that I love in the roles but the good thing about Justice Bao is…he always rocks! Lolz.

I credit that to the characters themselves. The actors have to be good also but I think that the reason that the Justice Bao series has been loved for so long no matter who’s production it is is because of the characters. The characters are so just, righteous, honest, and lovable to start with that no matter who portrays them, (cute or ugly or decent), it’s still an awesome job well done.

I’ve seen some of the older series but don’t remember much. I heard there was a new series that just came out about the lives of the older Justice Bao, Zhan Zhao, Gongsun Ce, etc. I want to watch it because apparently there’s a continuation of Zhan Zhao’s love story which I’m dying to be clarified about. I got a link to the movie but the dubbing is weird so I’m gonna wait a bit longer. More on that if I ever find it.

For the moment though, I’ll be giving episode recaps and trying my best to review each episode of the third installment in the Young Justice Bao series which it would be right to assume is about Justice Bao when he was younger. Lolz. I saw the first part of the series awhile back, just finished the second part months ago and finally found the third part in vietnamese. I’m not sure if these three parts are supposed to be directly connected with each other because I know there’s been a lot of Young Justice Bao stuff. See this is why I need to own everything Justice Bao, so I can tell what’s going on! Lolz.

Ok anyway, it might be a little late to start watching the episode now and since I want to write about it as I’m watching it, it’ll take maybe twice as long. I have, however, started into the first few minutes and so far…well I’ll tell in a little bit.

I’ll try to add in screen captures and be as diligent about this as possible.

This is just a taste of the beginning and will be included in the actual post about the first episode so it doesn’t count for very much right now.

The story unfolds with the construction of some building. A man, seemingly bright and an expert on the subject of where to build things to receive the best luck, is desperately trying to convince another man, richer obviously, that the place that he’s chosen is very lucky. However, in the middle of his convinces, a builder runs over and reports to the two men that they’ve hit something: Close up on a coffin.

YAYY!!! Raney always said I was good at retelling stories and shizz…That’s probably because I was the only one with ever enough time to tell her stories. But let’s hope she said it cuz I was actually good at telling stories and this new thing’ll go well.

Alrighty, we’ll start the reaaaal stuff soon! Chya ne!

O yea…I wonder what the plural of “series” is. I tried “serieses” but that’s wrong. So is “seriess” because that’s just obviously wrong. My instincts are telling me, and they are most probably right, that the plural of “series” is “series.” Lolz. Let’s just keep it at that then.

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