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Warning: I will be very, very detailed in my episode guides so if you don’t want to know exactly what happens and just want a short review to decide whether or not you want to take the time and watch it yourself, skip the guide.

Also, the episodes are divided within the episodes. At first I was going to do a wholeeeee Episode 1 post but my gosh I figured that’s a LOT! And I’m supposed to be studying. Lolz, maybe starting with Episode 2 I can do them by whole eps, but for now, I’ll do them by the parts they’re divided in.

Episode Guide:

The scene starts out with a feng shui master ensuring a rich man that the place he’s chosen to build his home will bring him a lot of luck. The builders come to the place of the rich master and the feng shui master to announce to them that they’ve found something. After inspection, the feng shui master tells that rich master that the thing they’ve found seems to be a tomb of some sort, a coffin (or just a big tab or something, idk) from some dynasty over 1000 years ago. O no! Somethins’s written on the tomb! The rich man reads if off and…we don’t know what it means.

Change of scene. A man seems to have died in his home. The detective asks the neighbors when the last time they saw the dead man was. The detective concludes that the dead man probably drank poisoned wine and died (because he was an alcoholic). A man steps out of the group of neighbors and declares that he disagrees. Everyone gasps because no one recognizes him, I guess. He introduces himself as Cong Ton Sach (EWWWWW I liked the other one better). Cong Ton Sach walks into the house and gets into an argument with the detective. Cong Ton Sach points out some key points on the dead man’s body but the detective claims that they were just injuries caused because the drunk man fell about. The detective now asks how Cong Ton Sach think the man died. CTS says that they should let the dead man tell them and they get in a little about how dead men can and can’t talk. OOOO The dead don’t talk.

Autopsy, against the widow’s will. The autopsy shows that the dead man took a hard blow to the head. “So what’d the dead man say?” asks the detective (and he’s being totally serious). CTS concludes (after taking the man’s head apart) that the culprit is!!!!! a blood clot. So he’s not really a drunk…it’s all the blood clot’s fault. He did have someone hit him in the back of the head and that person is one of the neighbors who owed the dead man some money. Denies it, denies it, flashback and we see what actually happens:

The man who owed the money couldn’t pay it and was a bit roughed up by the dead man. The dead man then went home because obviously he wasn’t going to get any money that night. Out of anger, the man who owed money followed the dead man and struck him in the back with a wooden stick (a big one). Then he continued to beat him in the face and ran off. A few hours (minutes, w.e.) later the dead man gets up and swaggers home. By now the blood clot (caused by the beating) has done its damage and the man dies at home. Apparently as the man who owed money was beating the dead man, he left his finger mark on the dead man’s clothes. O it’s the ring that got him. Not only did he leave a finger mark (since they didn’t have finger print stuff back then it was actually a whole finger mark, and his ring left a distinct mark also, if you get it, i don’t know). The detective calls for his men to arrest the culprit but before he can, the bad guy draws out a knife and holds CTS hostage. (If I’m good at guessing I bet my lover (Trien Chieu, will come out now.) AHHHhahahaha and there he flies in.

(The cool thing about this is it’s always been the same guy who acts as Trien Chieu, or Zhan Zhao, easier to spell, in all the Young Justice Bao films. He grew up a bit but it’s always been him while the other actors have changed. I guess it’s because Zhan Zhao is supposed to be really, really good at martial arts and this guy is.)

OOO everyone’s amazed, it’s the famous ZZ. ZZ makes sure that CTS is ok. CTS scolds the bad guy. Apparently the dead man’s kid was sick and that’s why he needed the bad guy to pay back the debt.

Everyone’s amazed at CTS and ZZ. There’s something going on with BC that everyone knows about…except the detectives (and me apparently).

Change scene to an old couple being treated by BC (Bao Cong)’s mother. She’s not doing a very good job and the old couple leave, the man who was being examined complaining about something about how ever since BC left home, his mother hasn’t been quite the same.

CTS comes into the home and treat the couple as they were leaving. ZZ is still as cute as ever, he jokes around with BC’s mother. She likes to tease him, I guess. Aw a cute moment while ZZ talks about how he was an orphan and BC’s mother is like his mother too.

O, I got it. BC’s gone missing for two years (eh..?). And so CTS and ZZ have been coming by his mother’s house to look in on her, CTS with the excuse that he just wants to learn medicine from her. And every time there’s a case, CTS goes running off hoping that he’ll see BC there too. And ZZ keeps talking about how he wants to travel and go sight see when in actuality he just wants to go find BC. They eat.

There’s trouble in another land and CTS has been promoted by the king to go to that land and help because he knows the language. BC’s mother thinks something’s up with the king promoting CTS (not because she doesn’t believe in him but because there’s always something up with the kings in these things). She gives him a lucky keepsake. I guess CTS calls BC’s mother “mom” too. (I swear last I heard CTS had parents…lolz).

Change of scene. Some girls in a….a…place where prostitutes work (I forget the name!!)…Lau Hoa…lolz, are gambling and nagging their servant, whose name is “Dai Bao.” (I have a hunch.) They ask him to entertain them and he ends up doing an imitation show. I guess they’re really having fun with him. One of them’s gone gambling for real….And she was cheating. But manages to escape because she stalled for a bit claiming that she’s actually an undercover official. The people chasing her stop and ask a couple making out in public if they’ve seen the girl and the couple turns out to be Dai Bao and one of the girls from the Lau Hoa. They give bad directions. Obviously they’re covering up for the running girl. Dai Bao seems to be a kiddie idiot.

End of Part 1 of Episode 1


Ahhhh I liked the guy who was CTS in the last movie better. But! I don’t want to make a big deal out of it because his character seems to be the same. BC…however…I’m pretty sure that Dai Bao is Bao Cong in disguise. BC has a moon shaped mark on his head and his skin is extra dark (black = justice wikipedia?). But Dai Bao wears a large hat on his head that covers his forehead so we can’t see if he has the mark or not. If it is really him, and I’m SURE it is, then wth? I don’t like it at all. He’s so….childish and…well I don’t know. Different, I guess.

It seems to be interesting. I’d give it a shot if I were you and you haven’t already. Or you can wait until I have time to post the rest of this episode and see how it goes.

Also, I am not that great of a writer…I’m not a great writer at all even. Therefore, these guides will just be point blank “this is what happened” and the thoughts will be just “and this is what I thought of it.” I found that sometimes I won’t have time to watch something so I’ll go looking for info on it and I’ll get nothing, these types of posts are for you other lazy no time havers out there. Like I said before, if you wanted just a short review to help you decide whether or not you want to watch the movie…this place probably isn’t the best for you. And if you wanted something so deep in insightful that you can basically right a paper off of then I suggest you go here:

He hasn’t had very much time at all to update and the subject is really different but hopefully he’ll find some time some time to get in something.

————————————- On another note….

So I painted my nails black. They’re so cool!

And after waiting forever…I finally got my pink assistant leader scarf. I managed to put it off for a year or two and didn’t go through the training, then I put of actually getting scarf for a few more months after going through the training. But after all that putting off…I have to admit it felt good to finally get it.

Then later that day we had a youth group leaders meeting and afterwards we all went to the buffet. It was sudden and I just wanted to go eat at a buffet so otouto and I went. It was fun. I don’t know if that’s good or not because…I don’t know. These people can be hard to figure out. And I’m hard to figure out and honestly, I don’t care to figure them out and don’t need them to figure me out either so….I dunno. Hopefully I can be friendly enough while still keeping my distance.

There’s this guy who a buncha people apparently met at DHNS II, that I didn’t go to, and he said that it was horrible that Thao (the other girl getting the scarf) was wearing jeans and I keep telling him that they’re khakis that are just faded and he keeps saying that faded blue isn’t khakis anymore and I’m like…are you an idiot? But apparently they’re friends with him so I’m just going to ignore him now. What the heck am I doing arguing with some dude who’s commenting on someone else’s pants? It’s just that I’m also tagged on the pic so I keep getting notifications for it, but I’m just gonna ignore it next time. Well…I hope I can, lolz.

Ok that’s it. I have two midterms today and I really tried to make myself wait but I really wanted to have some type of post to show that I’m not skipping out on the new episode guide stuff. So then I waited to do the normal life updates too. Lolz. My posts will most likely be this long from now on.

Chya ne!


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