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well…i’ve been meaning to update but never got around to it…and i keep thinking about updating so it’s hard for me to concentrate on anything because it’s just nagging me in the back of my mind. let’s seeeeeee now then…

on saturday i went to a pumpkin patch with au. lolz. they were…relatively cute. my group had all boys in it and gosh were they a handful! the other ppl at the pumpkin place were sorta racist too, i thought. there was a magic show in which the audience was half asian kids. and the magician called up a total of…i dunnoe…maybe 6, 7 kid volunteers…and each time he asked for a volunteer all the asian kids raised their hands whereas only some of the white kids did, but every time he chose a white kid. hm…it’s hard to talk about racism without being racist yourself. then there was this rude white lady acting all snotty. they had a moon bounce slide and the thing with these slides is the ladder to go to the top of the slide is hardly a ladder at all, so it’s easy for the kids to stumble backwards sometimes, esp. if your kid is small. so all my guys went onto the slide and i wasn’t really watching until i heard this lady yell at them to stop pushing. so now…my kids are all at the bottom of the line and the lady’s kids are in front of them, they’re practically falling backward, so what’re my guys supposed to do? clear the way and let the bitch’s kid fall down? my guys stood their ground and i think the lady reached in and pushed them back a little. that’s wen i came over and scolded them to move back and let those other kids go first and the lady gives me this glare. and of course, as me, i glare back. then her kids come down the slide and she sticks half her body in and grabs them and makes them leave. her little bitch who prolly learned to be a bitch from her, goes “who are all these people?” and she goes “i don’t know honey but we’re going because they’re (pushing too much? being too rude?)” i forget what exactly she said but i was like fuck you. you brought your kids to a pumpkin patch! that place has an area reserved for moon bounces, if your kid is too small or stupid to fend off the other kids then they shouldn’t be on the moon bounces….or anywhere else in the park for that matter. i was so pissed off! i grabbed all my guys and made them go to the moon bounce on the other side because there was no one there. dam bitches.

anywayz…the trip ended relatively well. gosh i was so tired on the way back. i kept yawning…but i didn’t sleep because i thot that woulda been rude to leave the driver awake on her own.

o yea another thing…gracious i never knew how smart these au are. they’re elementary school kids and my guys did talk about some inappropriate stuff but in between all that they had a mini debate on obama and mccain! and they weren’t just saying crap either…they were talking about how mccain wants war and obama don’t and blah blah and i was like…wth? how you guys know about all this stuff? lolz.

then on sunday i went to luray caverns and skyline with ns. it was the most wasted trip in the entire worlddd. we got to the place late…then they made us do a hike for like an hour…the hike was supposed to end at a waterfall but we didn’t even get half that far so it was a pretty much pointless hike…then we went to luray…rushed through the tour in like 2o minutes when it’s supposed to take 1hr30mins…and then rushed home. i was like…wtf? we should have just spent all our time at luray because a lot of the kids wanted to go on the maze too. it was a freakin waste of time! i also wanted to go to the gift shop to get mother a bday present but after the tour otouto decided to run off with his friend to get dippin dots (no he didn’t get me any even tho he should know how much i love them since the first thing i said as we drove into the parking lot was “oooo dippin dots!!”) and then the other ht were rushing us to leave. it was suuuuuuch a freaking waaaaaste of time….i think i’m going to reconsider going on trips with ns from now on. i mean…i’ll prolly go to the annual xmas party…and the community trips…but other things i’ll have to rethink. a. phat has a problem with time management…for sure…he didn’t even go on the hike with us. sorta just dropped us there, made us work and then rushed us through what we actually wanted to do.

o yea…apparently something really traumatic happened to tina on saturday…and i wasn’t there. well actually technically i shouldn’t’ve been there anyway…it was during ccd and mass and i’m never with them during those times. at first i felt really, really bad because i wasn’t there wen she needed me but…technically i was there…i was just upstairs….lolz…and it’s not my fault the other girls had homecoming and abandoned her. o well, i do feel sorta bad tho so i’m going to buy her a hello kitty doll from this new seoul department store i found on sunday morning…i was going to buy her a big one but maybe now i’ll just buy her a small one. i mean…wen i first saw the store and saw the hello kitty dolls through the window the first thing i thot was “o tina would love those!” so i was going to buy one anyway…

but yea on sunday morning chu han took me otouto and quan to breakfast and we first went to pho hot and that’s where i found the department store. it looks awesome. i think imma go today…lolz…just to look around. altho i do have to go home early to cook mother’s bday dinner but…eh, o well. i’ll prolly just go in and buy a doll, look around real quick, and then leave. lolz.

hrmmmm what else….? o! i saw the movie “vuot song (journey from the fall)” yesterday. it was one of the best movies i’ve ever seen. i guess i’m sorta biased because father was in a reeducation camp and stuff and it was about viet ppl and fathers in general and i cried a little bit. i am guilty of fastforwarding some parts, half because i couldn’t take it and half because it was dragging. but it was an awesome movie. if i had to describe it in one word i guess it’d be…awesome….lolz.

ah i feel like there was more but…i can’t remember now. o well this thing’s been long enough. i’ll try to come back with some more of the justice bao thing then i have time.


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