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so whenever i add in photos they always go to the top of the post and i end up having to drag them to where i want them…well now i got the idea of just adding all the pictures at once so i wouldn’t have to go back and forth between photobucket and here…then i got the order wrong so…yea…lame…lolz…

OK! sooooo, i guess we’ll start with the new seoul department store…otouto and i went there together last friday and it was sooooo cooooool!! they had an area with all the “cutesy” things and an area for household items, a clothing section, jewelry section, makeup, skin care, everything! the guy in the “cutesy” area was so nice. he saw otouto and i messing with the clocks, we weren’t sure how it worked, so he came by with batteries and put them in and showed us how they worked sorta. then on our way out he gave me a free letter thing that looks like a roll of film. he was nice!

the store was really cool. the people there didn’t stare and glare us down like the ppl at lilthingamajigs. the department store looked like it had more stuff and it was organized. lilthingamajigs and the viet/chinese stores in eden center have like dusty, old stuff thrown in with new looking stuff so you can never tell. i need to go back to the department store some more to explore…probably during winter break cuz i’ll need money. haha!

i wonder if the ppl there thot otouto and i were korean…lolz. the old guy spoke in korean to us when he came over with batteries but we obviously didn’t understand…then i think he said something to us at the cashier desk…otouto said thank you in korean on our way out so otouto thinks the guy prolly thinks we’re just super whitewashed koreans or something. haha!

on thursday was mother’s bday. i cooked! i was so worried that it wouldn’t work out because i’m always afraid of cooking shellfish. it turned out well i think…

i thot that dinner was pretty successful…the clams were a little salty altho i didn’t put in any salt…we think it was too much butter…

but omg that was a good dinner…lolz…

what else…?

o yea…dance practice…it’s just for a mass…same song as last year’s but somewhat different choreography. pretty much without event…i’m not gonna dance…mainly cuz i don’t fit into the premade costumes (how prejudice against fat ppl!) and i managed to get enough ppl. i’m going to try and be “just” the choreographer for this one. we’ll see how it goes. there was some confusion when catherine told me she was dancing but couldn’t come to practice but then told thuy told me that catherine told her that she wasn’t dancing at all…last i heard she was still doing it so i dunno. whatever, we have just enough ppl without her. with her it’d b ok but…i dunnoe.

so the awards ceremony for lasan was last sunday. at first mother and i had to sit at two separate tables at the front. my table was nice, it was a big family. at one point one of the men asked my name and then welcomed me into their family. hahaha, it was cool. then mother came over and asked me to switch seats with her because her table was too close to the stage. but then right after that the table next to mine (which was all my old ccd teachers and their spouses) saw that it was just the two of us and they had two seats extra so they told us to sit with them. i felt sorta bad for leaving my table cuz they were so nice. the guy said i could come back any time. and they gave me my drink wen i forgot…i totally forgot to say bye to them when i left, i feel bad. lolz. they looked cool. maybe i’ll see them again next year, dunno. they were from far away tho, maryland or pennsylvania or something. anywayz, OTOUTO WON! first place! for his division…i was so proud. eight hundred bucks manggg…it was cool. i smiled non stopp! there was some trouble with mother wen otouto was dividing up the money but we got through it. personally i think he should be able to take it all but he ended up splitting it and only took like half…maybe less than half, which sucked but, w.e. he doesn’t care, he just wants his name down in the books. lolz. good for him!

sooooo i have to go down to richmond with the ht for the training thing. it’s tomorrow through sunday…o goooood….apparently there was some homework…a. nguyen sent it out and i was like…wthh….??? and the list of things we should have or should know…it’s like…what??? and the schedule is like…OMGGG!!!!

i think it’s going to suck. lolz. i mean, there will probably b cute guys there but…so what? they live far away, either in richmond or maryland or penn or ny, so that means nothing’ll happen. no one believes in long distance relationships anymore…’cept me…lolz. and besides, cute guys hit on hot, cute, attractive girls, and by all means i am not one. lolz. o well, i guess that’ll mean that maybe i’ll just do better at the training and will get to rank up soon? i dunnoe. mother said that c. mai said that she wants me to go to more training after this richmond one so that i can rank up. ewwwwww. brian and dai hai said that after you bcome a ht there’s basically no point in going to the trainings anymore unless you really wanna rank up or you wanna hit on girls, or be hit on in my case. but i won’t be hit on so i guess i’m just going for training. w.e.! i just want some authority so that i’m not sitting around doing nothing all the time.

o btw, last saturday c. truc had to teach a course and i ended up taking over like two minutes into the thing. i didn’t know what i was doing, i just did it. hahaha, i dunnoe. hopefully the level leader was paying attention and saw me but prolly not, whatever. but yea…i think it might’ve been c. truc’s first time teaching, and she is an overall shy and nice and quiet person…i think at first i took over just to make the kids shut up, and then ended up doing more. it was sorta fun, lolz.

i just hope this training doesn’t completely suck. hopefully i can ride in a. nguyen’s car with thao so we can listen to nnn read scary stories. haha!

school still sucks. i skipped class today even tho i had a french presentation and called the teacher and left a message saying that my car broke down. i dunnoe if she bot it but i think i would do better if i went on tuesday, since i managed to finish the powerpoint now and practiced once, it’s not so daunting. i was just freaking out b4. w.e. and i realized my french accent has gone from “pretty good” to “suuuuuucky!!”

i also skipped honors science…not like there’s any reason for me to go. i think i’d rather go home and redo my scheduling…well…i’m trying to decide between going to classes in the afternoon and only working on fridays (8hours) or going to classes early and going to work more during the week. i dunno. boss says it’s ok if i just work the whole day on friday since school’s more important but…she didn’t seem happy about it. i dunnoe.

yesterday was otouto’s birthday. we had some of his friends over, had pizza and watched saw iii. i’m glad that at least one of us is popular, lolz. his friends seem to be really nice, which is good. hopefully they’ll stay together for awhile. it’s good to have friends i guess.

posting on this is sort of annoying. it’s hard to add and move pictures…and it doesn’t have the choice for “private” posts…i think i might go check out xanga a bit…i dunnoe why but i like blogger, so i don’t wanna switch to xanga…it’s just annoying sometimes, lolz. i dunnoe, maybe…

for now i don’t think there’s anything so i guess that’s it. i have to write two papers and prepare to moderate so i don’t have to do it over the weekend, because i won’t be able to.

chya ne!


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