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this richmond training thing is already starting out bad. i don’t know who was planning to go orignially but a lot of them have backed out. there’s hardly anyone driving down there at the 7pm time. we were supposed to go in a. nguyen’s car because he had nnn reading scary stories but now he’s not going anymore, at all. this is turning into a biiiig mess. it took almost the whole day for a. phong and a. phat to find someone to drive us down there. if they’d told me sooner i woulda skipped my last class and work and packed last night so that i could go with them at noon..but noooooo. and i was going to bring brownies but what’s the point now if no one’s goin?? o well…i guess i’ll just bring my left over cookies.

i was really looking forward to going in a. nguyen’s car cuz of the scary stories but that’s not happening. i asked thien an to bring movies but knowing my luck, she’ll either not be able to bring any or she will bring some and we won’t be able to watch them. i’m planning on typing up my honors 131 paper in the car but watch something happen to my laptop…or watch it get stolen while i’m down in richmond! i was thinking of just writing the paper, handwrite it, but it’s easier to type in a moving car than to write. if i do write then it might be easier because i could write if i had free time during the training, but looking at the schedule, i probably won’t! so i’ll have to do my paper and finish it in the car…this sucks!!! this weekend fails! arghhhhhhh!!!


Posted October 31, 2008 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

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