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so…i guess wen i’m adding images i’ll just go to edit html and do it that way. lolz. yay for blogger!

the richmond training went like i said it would. i learned some interesting things…met nobody…had little fun…it was ok at first but by sunday…which was the last day so wasn’t so bad…i’d gotten way tired. i actually slept a bit during a. phat’s lecture. w.e.

i saw this dude…eye contact a few times…nothing happened obviously. i’ve seen him before, was sorta looking forward to seeing him there too so it’s cool that i did.

i practically forced thao to come to this training. she wasn’t going to go and i badgered her about it, almost begged her to. so she went, and she left with lotsa new friends.

i don’t feel bad or anything towards her cuz it’s not one of those ironic luck things. it’s just that thao has that loud, out going, really funny way about her. also she’s good with viet. and altho the ht there mostly knew english, they almost spoke in all viet. i knew enough to make conversation but not enough to be witty. and thao is good at that. so on the way out to our cars to go home she had a crowd around her asking for her contact and i slinked into my car and hugged my pooh to sleep (two different cars). and during the saturday night party, i was the one who convinced thao to go onstage and sing (i told her i’d dance to the song, i didn’t). after she sang a. tri made her mc and afterwards she was known as thao m.c. sighhhh…i dunnoe. like i said it wasn’t one of those ironic things…mine and thao’s personalities are so different and the situations were different so…i don’t feel that bad about it. mayb i feel sorta weird because i lost the $20 reimbursement from doan. haha….yea…that might be it.

the coolest part was during one of the lectures were the guy was trying to show us how to get along with other ht better…and we took these really simple personality tests that divided us into four color groups. it was really, really accurate wen he went into it. i tied on two colors whose personalities were completely opposite each other. so i chose to stay in the calmer one cuz i didn’t wanna get up and because that group’s color was green, which is my fav. color! our group ended up having only 4 ppl. lolz. we were the analytical, knowledge seeking, analyzing, thinking, complicated type who didn’t like to show emotion and should be excused wen we don’t act romantic. hahaha! it was cool.

hermmmm what else…? o i noticed that the church we were at is significantly smaller than our church…but everyone there was so warm and nice. not like the pompous ignorant snobs at our church.

o well…there’s apparently a lot of other training we have to go to. i guess maybe i’ll be able to make more friends there? well…it probably just takes time…sooner or later i’ll probably have to meet and work with all these people so we’ll become friends, at least acquaintences (sp?) somehow. i think that’s how it works with most people, only a few people can pull off what thao did.

omg there was this one really annoying girl there. she was this skinny long haired big mouthed little….prickk….i dunnoe! i mean…it’s great to be outgoing and fun but omg she was just one big annoyance! but then again…she got a lot of attention so…lolz…

the outgoing loud (sometimes obnoxious) ones seem to get the most attention. o well…

i want to un-minor in french. after thinking about it it just seems as if my reasons for taking french were sorta…i dunno..weird. it might help me more if i just took an asian language…chinese, japanese maybe. i still have to think about it tho. i guess i’ll see how this semester goes and decide later…

i stopped into the parking lot of starbucks today and didn’t go in! just parked there for two seconds, fought with myself…then left and went to school. i was proud of myself but not proud of my inner demons. seems they were asleep this morning.

so after this class i have to drive back to arlington, stand in line, vote, drive back to school hopefully in time for lab. the only reason i came to school was cuz i thot i had to do my presentation cuz i missed it last thursday but apparently today we’re watching a movie so i’m not gonna present until this thursday. if i’d known that i woulda just gone and stood in line this morning to vote and wouldn’t have to miss both my religion and honors sciences classes later today.

lame….sorta funny movie tho…lolz

o yea…another thing about youth group…i have to truc nganh this week…i don’t know how, that’s one of the things i thot i’d learn but didn’t over the weekend. so i sent an email to the nganh leader asking her to tell me the basics but…i dunnoe. w.e.!!! i’ll just wing it…lolz…there was something annoying about th.an. over the weekend but i’ve forgotten what it was…ah welll…


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