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although somewhere inside me i’m still wary that promises are just that, promises, i’m still extremely happy to hear that he’s actually started to do things like choose his staff and stuff. ah well, one of those things that we’ll have to wait to see, obviously. i wonder who the new secretary of the doi’ll be. speaking of which, recently there’s been this really nice man who walks by my cubicle and makes little talk with me about school and how i am and stuff. he’s like, uber nice and sounds like he knows who i am, so ‘course i talk like i know how he knows me but of course i only found out recently that he’s the new assistant to the assistant director. lolz…it’s funny…

so on tuesday…i was going to vote in the morning before school. i thot that i was supposed to do my french presentation, that was the only reason i was going to school at all in the morning. so i drove by the voting site and omg there was a lot of people…so i decided to come back later. i went to school…went to french for the presentation, then found out we were just watching a movie…then went back to arlington to vote (no line, there was hardly anyone left, the news said that noon to 5 was off peak and therefore best times to go vote in arlington so that’s why i went) then drove back to fairfax but by that time was too late for religion and so just decided to skip that and honors science, and then went to my lab. if i’d known we were just watching a movie in french then i woulda just stayed home all day and only gone to school for my lab (which can’t be made up). waste of gas! and time. ah well, i got to vote, and it turned out well.

for some reason the lab went well on tuesday. not much attitude and whatever.

on thursday i gave my presentation in french. it went ok. wen i was practicing with my notes i really felt like my french accent was going “whooooooppedeedoodoo” down. i dunno, during the presentation my accent was ok. i stumbled a little but it was ok overall. i guess. i was happy afterwards, but prolly just cuz it was over. lolz.

hermmmm…nothing interesting’s happened….on saturday i had to teach a lesson for AU. it was about the first part of “noah’s ark”…it went ok. lolz. i was actually scheduled to truc nganh but then c. ngan couldn’t come so c. kimphuong asked me to teach the lesson in place of c. ngan and i got out of doing truc nganh. i’ll have to do it next time tho. i brot brownies intended for the vanlangers but i never got around to letting them eat it so i just used it as bait for the AU. it was cool. my throat started to get dry after a bit tho. lolz.

there was a ht meeting after mass. it was relatively unproductive. i tried to give some input but they were being really lazy. we were somewhat talking about fundraising through selling xmas cards and for some masses they just said “o it’s not worth it selling cards at that mass” or “we’ll get no profit from selling at that mass”. it was really stupid since we’re trying to raise money here, selling it anywhere is worth a shot. ah well…whatever. i’m not part of the panel of decision makers or anything…if we do fundraise money the only thing i’ll be involved in is spending it so whatever. i dunno, don’t care i guess. it’s just sorta depressing to see how unenthusiastic they were. also they mentioned that c. mai, when she gets around to being less mad at the other ht, might need me to help with the angels dance for xmas. c. mai did mention it to me last week but i thot she was just kidding! phooey!

heehee…ok so here comes the good part….

so after the richmond training i was thinking on and off about that one guy that did make eye contact with me sometimes. but then on monday i just totally pushed him from my mind…hahaha! it was awesome! there’re these two guys in my class who are soooooo cute! they’re like…the quite smart kind, but not the loner kind. anyway…i love it wen they talk…lolz…anywayz…o wait…this was on wed since i skipped on monday. but yea, on wed i was moderating for the class and i had to ask questions and stuff as i was moderating…e would look at me sometimes…it wasn’t a lot, really subtle. but i mean, it made me feel like “whoaaa”…everytime we made eye contact he was smiling…and then so was i! but not one of those polite smiles, it was always those literally smiling making me blush have to look down at my hands kinda thing…aish…but i don’t feel like…awkward and embarrassed around him…i dunnoe…it just feels nice. lolz. well it definitely made me forget about everything else…hahaha!

my camera lcd broke…again…last time i found that after some shaking the lcd returns to normal but…this time it’s intent on staying broken. so brian told me that there’s this thin strip connecting the lcd to the camera and that’s what’s probably messed up so today i took the camera apart to try and mess with it and now the screws won’t even go back in. i’m borrowing hundred bucks from otouto as well as using the two hundred he gave me so i can buy a new camera before thursday. i think we’re going tomorrow. aishhhh….

chu han and his family are taking us out to eat again. hopefully it’ll be ok.

otouto gets two days off of school this week…argh! i have a presentation in hnrs 131 on wed…hopefully i won’t have to look at e too much and break out smiling and blushing. well…i can’t even remember if i blush…i just know i smile and have to look down at my hands…my mind’s dizzy always afterwards so i can’t remember feeling myself blush.


ALSO!!! i finished reading twilight. i was a little disappointed….bella, the girl, did something really stupid and edward, the vampire, didn’t react as madly as i thot he shoulda been. i guess it’s actually how a perfect lover would react, altho i wouldn’t know.

it is really sad that tho…it’s a terrible pain that the most perfect lover only exists in books or movies. no one in real life ever comes even close to being like edward. i sorta wish i’d never read the book cuz now there’ll always be a “perfection” in my mind that will never really exist. altho, it’s not like edward is perfect, he does have mood swings and he’s a bit confusing at times. it’s probably not even the fact that he’s perfect cuz, like i said he’s not really completely, it’s just the idea of such a wholesome love. in real life no longer does it exist those types of relationships. not only is it the love, it’s also the pain involved. i guess to truly feel love you have to feel the pain that’s sometimes associated with it. but with a person like me who tries to stay away from problems by being nonchalant and not caring, i’ll probably try not feel the pain, does that mean i’ll never fully get the love? or what? ah, well, i’m just rambling now.

like i said, i was left a bit dissatisfied at the end and i’ll have to read the other books. c. phuong let me borrow hers esp. cuz she wants someone to talk to about it aside from just ppl at her work. lolz, and it is a good concept, it’s not terrible. just reading it makes me sad sometimes. lolz.

o wellz! i have to return to reality sometime. it’s hard to read these kinda books, watch these kinda movies, then come back to real life and realize “yea right!”


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