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so! it is officially thanksgiving break. i’ve set up a list of the hw that i need to do during this break and after looking at it, doesn’t seem all too intimidating anymore. i know i haven’t blogged in the longest time so here’s a really, really long post about what’s been up.

so i went to easton for business again the other weekend. left on thursday with beth. she got lost…multiple times…but we managed to get there not too much later than we said we would. set up the place. went to our hotel, checked in and all. i roomed with beth. then…that night we just went out to this place called scossa with richard slaughter (spelling?) and the 2008 federal artist, his wife, richard’s wife, some of their colleagues and of course pat beth rachel laurie and me. the food was…ok. the meal was on richard. lolz. the chef sent out these really yummy fried balls of veal or something…they were good. but then the entrees weren’t all that great. i ordered red snapper. it came with rice and in a really lemony sauce. was too sour for my taste and the rice was wayyyy too hard. but it was good overall. then we just went back to the hotel and i called it a night. i hardly did anything but was still tired. maybe it was just the idea that i even could go to bed early that got me sleepy.

the next day the festival started and i had to inventory stuff. gosh beth was being uber annoying. she kept asking me questions and interrupting me as i counted so i knew i was off by some. she had total access to the stuff but kept interrupting and asking me to get it instead, gosh it was so annoying. but anyway, after things died down a bit it was all good. boring…but not hectic. anywayz, mike and his wife judy came down that day and we all went to dinner together. pat and laurie had been to this place the other year and really liked it. it was a 30 min ride from where we were and it was called the suicide bridge restaurant. i know, sounds cool right? anyway, i rode in the car with mike and judy and pat and laurie while rachel drove josh, his wife, and beth. so i was sorta listening to my ipod and didn’t realize how the conversation in my car turned to horror movies. i think it was about…black and white film…then…frankenstein…then….? i don’t know! at one point there was talk about the exorcist and…some other films and mike and them were saying lines from the film and stuff. lolz. o, mike is the chief of my division by the way. pat is my boss and laurie is second in command in our branch. so anyway, mike and them came up with this idea that since i was the youngest in the group i was to be sacrificed at suicide bridge. my mistake for asking why the place was called suicide bridge. anyway, that’s all they would talk about for the remainder of the car ride, sacrificing me after letting me have my last good meal and such. so we got to the restaurant and i ordered surf and turf. boy was it good. lolz.

ok anyway back to dinner at suicide bridge. apparently it’s just a place that a lot of people’ve come to commit suicide. idk. so after dinner as we all leave they tell the waitress that they were going outside to sacrifice me and i tell the waitress that if she hears screams she was to come out and help me and she laughed. anyway, mike hands me his food and asks me to take it out to take it out to the car while he goes to the bathroom. i took the food and ran to the car with it ‘cuz mike said no way would anyone sacrifice me with mike’s food in my hands. lolz. it was funny. then on the way home they complained about how they couldn’t sacrifice me cuz mike saved me so they pretended that they really did and made me do a fake scream and stuff. lolz. it was a fun night. went to sleep early again.

then the next night beth’s lover came by and took her out. gosh everyone had so much fun making fun of beth about her lover. they kept telling me to cover my ears too late, only after they said all the dirty stuff would they turn and be like “oops, our bad nhu-y” and i’d be like “uh huh.”

so only mike judy pat her husband david me and rachel went to dinner on saturday night. had scallops. was too salty but wasn’t bad. the dessert (picture in previous post) was soooo awesomely delicious. that was the best. lolz. we sorta hooted and hollered when beth walked in with her bf. he looks like that actor…patrick swayze…? spelling? anyway…that was funny…then went home and walked with rachel over to the nearby wawa to see if there were any coolers but maryland doesn’t sell alcohol in their convenience stores apparently so i just got some ice cream. ate a bowl of ice cream with from wine that rachel gave me. was yummy. lolz. was watching wizard of oz as i ate and drank…what an experience. then went to bed after a bit.

sunday was also uneventful…rachel drove me home…got home, showered quickly, changed, went with mother to chi hien’s wedding. otouto and i were supposed to sit with mother but the table was full so i went over to where otouto was b4 and that turned out to be the kids’ table and had different food so we moved to the table behind us who had space. lolz. food was good, ‘specially the shrimp and fish. danced a bit. mother promised to let us stay as long as we want but…we left after one dance. was a long dance. lolz. the dancing part of the reception wasn’t that long tho, a lot of ppl’d left by then anyway.

we saw halfsisterinlaw. she was with her friend who i think was with her bf. don’t know why they were there or how they knew chi hien’s family…but she didn’t greet us, don’t know if she saw us or not. chi anh said that halfsisterinlaw didn’t greet chi anh’s mother either when they were at a funeral. come to think about it it’s been awhile since halfsisterinlaw came by or called (that i know of), not even for mother’s bday. o wellz, w.e.

anyway, that was that weekend. then since then i’ve just been busy with school and stuff. o in tn i taught a lesson the other week and truc nganh-ed this past saturday. it was cool. i like my nganh, lolz. and the truongs in it are easy to get along with and stuff so it’s nice. i feel as if if i were in nganh thieu or ns, i’d get in a lot of fights, or disagreements, with the other ht. lolz!

um…so yea then since i got back from the trip i’ve just been stressing out about school. at one point i considered ditching the french minor and taking up an asian language since my focus is on asia and all, but then i snapped out of it. lolz. i actually managed to focus on and do my deuxieme redaction and i think it went well. haven’t gotten it back yet tho so not sure, but i just know that after i was done i was actually happy and proud of my paper. lolz. then the other classes are going ok. i am most worried about gov. even if i did well on my extra credit as well as get a perfect on my final, i’d still only barely get a c. so i asked the prof through email if i could do two extra credits and he said no but told me to meet with him today before or after class. so i did and he ended up letting me do another extra credit to be turned in next tuesday and told me to meet with him before and after class the next two classes so he can make sure i’m following the material and he didn’t mention once the fact that those are our last two classes and i suck for only asking for help now. hahaha, he’s freakin awesome.

my other classes are going alright. i went to the national gallery of art this past sunday to do extra credit for honors 240…and the security ppl said no pictures and yet as i was jotting down notes on a painting i saw a flash, turned around and saw some (white) dude with a camera strapped around his neck. then security ppl also said that i couldn’t wear my backpack on my back and i saw some (white) lady with a backpack on her back. they’re probably not really racist or anything…maybe it was just a coinkydink.

but yea then i talked to the prof for honors 240 and he gave me a packet of stuff so i can write a paper for the extra credit.

so over break i have…an honors 131 novel to read, french 370 novel to read, honors 240 paper to write, government 132 extra credit…and research for religion 212 project. i’m doing a paper on shaolin wushu! yeaaa! hahaha. i suck at training for it so i’ll read on it instead. lolz.

i…can’t think of anything else right now…seems like this post is long enough as is.

in terms of thanksgiving itself…mother’s doing the dinner, i didn’t wanna do it anymore, too much stress and she was trying to take over anyway. so i’ll just be doing hw. co hanh and co phuc are supposed to come. i think mother said co phuc wants to bring a gay friend of hers, cool! i’m sorta excited. i want a haircut but don’t know if co phuc will cut it as short as i want it so don’t even know if i wanna bother asking. mother and i got pissy with each other over that. then friday will be spent taking otouto shopping and then at church. then i think we’re going to co nhu la’s house on sunday night, not sure. and between all that i have to do all the hw i listed b4. i can do it! co len!! fighto! lolz.

anyway, seriously i think that’s it for now…i need another picture but don’t have any good ones…hopefully this break’ll bring in a new batch of awesome pics. did i mention i got a cybershot170…well…i did, and it’s pretty cool. : ) so hopefully next time i’ll have more pics.

o yea…also running into trouble with insurance and bank ppl but hopefully will have that solved by tomorrow or something…i dunno. don’t really wanna think about it ’till it’s solved. lolz.

so much to do so little time!

i think i’ll go nap. heehee…


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