OK! so this week is the last week of class annnnnddddd i am soooooooo screweddddd!!!   Leave a comment

….so i’ll be taking another break and will probably update sometime at the end of this week. although, friday night and saturday night is the xmas retreat at church and me and two other assistant leaders are the “spirit crew” so i can’t miss the retreat. not only can i not miss the retreat, i have to spend this week planning stuff. i have no idea what to do! apparently we’re just in charge of keeping the kids’ spirit up with games and songs and stuff but…i don’t know any games or songs! a. huy did tell me that i can use what i learned in richmond but…honestly i didn’t learn anything. lolz. i learned what type of person i was and what type of person other ppl were and how we can get along but…aside from that…nope, nothing stuck. that and, the songs and stuff they did go over are a bit complicated and definitely not right for xmas. so ahhh i dunno!

that and i have a project for religion due this thursday. have to clean up my room cuz there’s an inspection on friday…of course it’ll only be a brief clean-up, i’ll do some actual reorganizing during break. but omg this week’ll be hectic…and then next week i’m taking off work until the 17th (when i’ll be coming back full time) so i probably won’t have enough for xmas presents. well…i’m only getting like…5 xmas presents so i’ll manage but w.e.

i will update with pics and stuff about thanksgiving and such probably late this week, early next week, so that i can get it over with and the thought of updating won’t be pushing at me in the back of my mind (hate that!).

– thanksgiving

– classes (maybe?)

– co nhu la’s house

– tinh tam (if i update after)

– dog

– cricut expressions

– o yea…boy…lolz!

herm…i think….that’s all i’ll have to update on later. chya ne!


Posted December 1, 2008 by .unpaused. in Life

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