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saw some cute ones on supercutekawaii something (link to the left). i think i’ll get them at the end of the year. i’ve always wanted to order one from mg usa, but they always only show the front, never the inside of the book which personally i think is the most important part! but the websites that are selling them that superkawaii linked to do show the inside and it’s really cool. it has everything. so i think i’ll get one. lolz. the pooh one that keets made me was a fail. so glittery…and i really dislike that type of binding…speaking of which i should go look at the binding of the books i do want…lolz.

so mother told me that nam’s wedding stuff got stolen. most importantly her wedding rings. she has the normal ring(s) that she wears everyday, wedding band i guess that’d b called, then a more expensive set with diamonds which she only wears for special occasions. well yesterday was a special occasion and she went to get it out to wear it but couldn’t find it. apparently on thanksgiving she invited a lot of ppl to her house, mainly her family, immediate and non-immediate, and i guess she thinks that’s wen she lost them. our family wasn’t there, thank goodness, or else we’d be suspect too. and mother also said “we’re also the poorest.” sadly that would be considered. i feel sorry for nam tho, she’s my fav. aunt. lolz.

speaking of that…they’re celebrating darren and albert’s bdays this saturday…that’s tomorrow then i guess. and well, there’s a ht meeting after mass tomorrow. last, last ht meeting we all went out to eat for ppl’s october bdays. we didn’t go in november. and i asked one of the ppl on the panel wen we were going out to eat next and she said december. so it’s very possible that the ht will go out to eat for december bdays tomorrow. i’m a december baby! yay! but cuong and i decided not to go, one cuz i don’t wanna b around a.p. right now, annoying! and two cuz we wanna go play with darren and albert instead. albert’s mother called and asked for mother’s number then before she hung up she asked why we haven’t been over there and told us to come to this one. she’s prolly forgotten already but still, i wanna play with the babies. but then again, their whooooooooleeeee family’ll be there, like cuong and i’ll even get a chance to play with the kids. we’d prolly be able to play with them more if we just came on a normal day. then mother said yesterday that nam and great aunt don’t want to make this bday big, since so many bad things are happening in their household. so they’re not even gonna have a lot of food. so cuong and i decided that if the ht do go out, we’ll prolly go with them, if they don’t go out, we’ll go to the bday party. i’m not completely sure yet tho, idk.

thanksgiving! mother cooked the turkey. she did…badly. she forgot how to do some stuff. it tasted ok tho, but can’t wait till two.five more years wen i’ve moved out and i’ll do the turkey, and make it look good too. i coulda done it this year but mother promised to leave me completely alone then changed her mind about the turkey and i knew that she was gonna keep changing her mind till she controlled my cooking so i just said i hadta do hw and let her do it. o welpz. it tasted fine. not as good as papa’s! then co phuc brought the side dishes. we ate lunch. i went and watched a horror movie while everyone else slept. came out ate some more since co hanh had just come. then went and rented movies. watched kung fu panda, forbidden kingdom, and get smart. they’re funny movies! then on friday took cuong shopping at 4:30am and came back at 7:30. slept. went to church and did that thing. just quickly, the reason that i don’t wanna be around a.p. right now is cuz, after the friday thing he sent out an email and thanked all the ns in general for helping out with the skit/dance. then he especially thanked two guy ht who helped with the play’s background music and for helping him drive the kids. he didn’t mention at all, first off (being narcissistic here but who cares it’s my blog) me, who choreographed, taught, and practiced the dance for the girls, went to buy and put together props, and was in charge of the whole dance. he didn’t mention the two girl ht who danced and one of them who helped drive the girls. now a.p. has always had a history of being sorta…well, honestly…sexist. so i wasn’t THAT surprised. but then again i was cuz i thot he’d gotten over that but i guess not. fine he thanked all the ns together as a group so he didn’t single out the dancers. but he thanked his guy ht specifically and didn’t mention at all the girl ht. so i imed him and told him about the two girl ht, but didn’t mention myself, so he goes sorry i’ll send out another email, and i’m like, yea sure you’re sorry. then wen he sent out that second email he thanked me and the other two girl ht for driving the girls. like…i’m sorry but, i think i did just a little more than that. ah well, what can you expect. one of the reasons i keep my distance with these ppl is cuz you do all you can for them and you get jackshit, not even a thanks. eff that.

ok anyway…hahaha…thanksgiving pictures! thank god for the ppl in my life that are thankful, considerate, and kind. thank god for god, papa, nhu-y, cuong, reed, dolores…mother somewhere down there….nam, co phuc/hanh…erm…i don’t feel the need to be thankful for materials. lolz. i’m trying the…highlighting/coloring/bolding/sizing important words thing…makes it look sorta cool. lolz. ok seriously tho…pictures…

was really deeeeeelish! almost finished the whole turkey….there was only a little bit of meat left the next day. : ) yay!

i got a haircut on thanksgiving. it’s shoulder length now. i love it soooo much! love short hair! lolz. i curled it thanksgiving night just to try and then i did it again on friday. i am obsessed with curllllllls now….had a buncha pics but my face is EWWWWWW in all of them so not now. maybe later…

cardmaking! omg my new hobby! lolz. i saw an infomercial for the cricut expressions machine which cuts paper and i feel in love with it. then googled it a bit and found stuff about cardmaking. so i went to buy a paper cutter (not the cricut machine, just a normal paper cutter) and paper and shizz and am making some cards now. they’re really simple obviously since i don’t have that many materials but, i think they look ok.

we went to co nhu la’s house last sunday. prayed. ate. played downstairs. they have an awesome house, co nhu la has an awesome husband. as h.p. said, she got lucky. lolz.

i love xmas trees! i’ve been meaning to set mine up but haven’t had time. was gonna go it tonight but def. no time, haven’t even packed for the retreat yet. so will do it on sunday or something…

i think i want a st. bernard doggy. they’re really slobbery tho…but the puppies are so cute! want a malamute too…but since i’m going to the shelter/animal rescue when i do get my first dog there’s a bigger chance that there’ll b st. bernards than malamutes…idk…but they’re all cute so don’t care!

watching cuong watch bleach got me into it. sorta drags sometimes but it’s cool. i like it.

retreat retreat…DON’T wanna GOOOOO AHHHHHHH!!!!!

ok i think that’s enough for an update. last last post i noted something about “boy” but…i can’t for the life of me think of what that was….o well!

so many things to do b4 i go and haven’t done any of it. won’t b back till tomorrow night!

chyaaa neeeee!!!


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