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wow i don’t think i’ve ever had so many posts before even tho i’ve had a lot of blogs. yay!

classes ended today. had two of my honors classes, was relatively relaxing. uploaded pictures as the profs closed up on the material and shizz.

honors 131 was a really interesting class. it was about migration and mobility and we talked a lot about immigration and stuff. i don’t really know what i’ll get in that class. her essay requirements are really simple to follow, it’s basically answering questions in the form of an essay, no intro, conclusion, needed. i’ve gotten preeetty high marks on her essays i think…i think the last one i got a B? B+? because i turned it in late? or something? we had a presentation and i got a 98/100 for that, and wen asked the majority of the class said they liked mine best. and now the final, it’s not tooo bad. she’s pretty open about it, it’s again a bunch of answering questions and stuff. i don’t think it’ll be too hard. she moved the deadline to tuesday (used to be today) and i think i’ll work on it on sunday….yea…i might get an A in this class, don’t want to get my hopes up tho.

honors 240…wellllll…i dunno. maybe an A? A-? this is the teacher who gave me a C on my midterm when the midterm was supposed to be 5-6 pages and i wrote 1.5 pages. i thot i would get like…a D or F even…or E? i don’t remember which one they use. but yea, he gave me a C, might’ve been a C+, i don’t know. lolz. and i’m doing an extra credit paper…that was the museam visit mentioned in a previous post, and he gave me a buncha reading material to include in the paper. i still have to get back to him about what exactly i’m writing about, so i should read that packet he gave me. but this guy’s really open to ideas and stuff. and for the final, i chose to do it on the question of “what makes a good christian according to…?” and there were about 3, maybe 4 readings. at first i thot that i had to include all of them…then read the question over a few times and concluded that i only had to use 1 source…but apparently i had to use 2. haha! oopz! but aside from leaving out half the paper (the comparison part) the rough draft was pretty good overall. he didn’t want to give us a grade on the rough draft and he didn’t point out specific problems, he just gave us a piece of paper that had his basic edit ideas on it and on mine he said he really liked my ideas and stuff and that all i needed to do was do the second half of the question, then suggested which reading i should do it on. so i’ll do that. he didn’t say anything about my grammar so…maybe it’s not that bad? i dunnoe, might get an A in this one. fingers crossed though.

goverment….oooooooooo government…..hahaha! i swear i am failing this class. but then last week i came in and talked to the prof (did i already say this in a previous post?) and he allowed me as an exception to do a second xtra credit, which i did. then i “met” with him briefly after class on tuesday and yesterday and he went over the basics of what he said in class. and he said that he’ll post up a review sheet soon and that i should look over it and then maybe come on tuesday (there’s no class but he’ll be there) and we can sit down together and i can ask him for clarifications and stuff. i really, really, need to work hard on this final. it’s not until next, next tuesday so i’ll have time…but this is one of the classes where i’m actually afraid that i’ll fail. so i’ll be studying hard on that. and the prof has been really trying to help me pass so…can’t let anyone down, esp. myself!

french…god i hate this class sooo freakin much! and the teacher…i really…really dislike her. yesterday as i listened and watched her talk i kept having the urge to throw something at her…i know! it’s THAT bad! the last day of class she rambled on and on about the book we were reading and didn’t review at all like she said she would! instead, she gave us a review packet at the end of class, which is fine, the packet that is, but the questions on there are sorta general…or too specific…but she claims that it’s only a review packet, the test questions won’t be on exactly the same things so wth?? arghhh i hate her class. i gave her a really bad evaluation…all she does in class is talk about the randomest shizz…she just throws worksheets and worksheets of hw at us that isn’t on the syllabus…so then we do that and the stuff that is actually on the syllabus…but does she ever go over the book work that she put on the syllabus? NO! we’ve had book work on the syllabus almost everyday after the midterms and the last time we mentioned the book was…before midterms. and she made us buy like 7 books! the textbooks were really expensive too! such a waste of a class. AND! i might fail! her way of collecting hw is us turning it in online in sort of a forum like thing…and she never says anything about our grades. she has a “grades” section on her page but the only grades in there are the midterm and our first redaction. she hasn’t posted the grade of our presentation yet. or anything else that we turned in online. then wen i asked her if we have missing hw can we still turn them in, she goes no. but she hasn’t been posting up what she has and hasn’t gotten from us so…if she misplaced or didn’t get something or i forgot something, how am i supposed to know?? her class is the reason i had the “i wanna quit french!” crisis. arghhhh so pissed off! for the final i guess all i can do is do the study guide and pray that the test is actually on what the study guide is on. otherwise i’m failing this class.

religion…i stayed up till 4am on thursday morning to write my religion paper on shaolin and wushu. i thot it was an ok paper…sorta not that great but w.e. the paper is supposed to be 5-6 pages…or 2-3 pages if you did a paper and an actual project. when he said project his examples were “perform a tea ceremony” if the paper’s on japanese tea ceremonies…or go visit a temple if your paper’s on a certain aspect of a religion…or make a diagram of how a temple looks like inside or w.e. i don’t remember. mine was on wushu so i guess i coulda made a tape of me doing wushu? idk, i guess that woulda sufficed but…to me it didn’t seem like it. it wasn’t something that you could learn to do by doing research on wushu. sorta seemed like a cheat. that and i don’t even remember anything anymore. so i thot of maybe doing a poster…and i was like…i don’t really think a poster is what he meant by the “project” part of the paper. but then on the day of…a lot of people turned in posters. it was sorta childish, middle school kinda lookin. i thot it was stupid. i just wrote the dam paper and made it 5-6 pages and skipped out on the project part. i don’t think that a 2-3 page paper with a poster repeating the same stuff you said in the paper but with pictures should suffice but, idk. anyway, then we have a final next thursday. it’s hard to study for cuz you’re never really sure what he wants to know that you know…but he did tell us basically what to study for…sorta. and i think i might have a study session with this girl b4 the test…not sure tho. i did really badly on the midterm and i hope i did well on the project…so mayb i’ll get a B? C+? in the class? hoping for a B. maybe an A-? but that’s prolly pushing in.

honors science…haha…well i’ve been doing pretty badly on the tests so far. i did ok on the last test…was a C or something. hopefully the final’ll be just questions from the previous tests so…we’ll see. i guess all i really have to do is read the book and go over past tests and hope the questions’ll go with each other. i might get a B? worst has got to be C. unless i completely bomb the freakin final but…i don’t think i’ll be that stupid.

that’s all for my classes. i’m taking off work next week to study and take finals. i’ll come back to work and will prolly work full time starting on the 17th, that’s the day after finals. i hope i do well on these finals man, imma actually try hard to study this time, swear it.

i was going to make this my update post but it’s already long enough with those class descriptions so..i’ll save the rest for later.

– retreat

– xmas tree

– card making

– curls

– thanksgiving

– bday

– nam

– schedule books

– ermmmm…i don’t remember what else…



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