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HNRS 131 – Essay – Due 12.09.08; Email; 8AM – Done, LATE!! – Pissed…got a B+! WTHHH??? I knew it, I was way too optimistic about this grade so it failed! I thought I would get an A-, come on! She emailed me a few days after I turned in the paper and said that it was really good, my writing was excellent, blah blah, and that the good final greatly affected my overall grade. If the final greatly benefited my overall grade yet my overall grade was a B+…then that must mean my previous grades must’ve sucked right?? But I mean…HOW??? I participate in class discussions…A LOT! my moderation was pretty good I thought, my writing was Bs and C+s…but my presentation was a 98/100! EVERYONE LOVED IT! That had to count for SOMETHING???!!! AHHHH….O well.

HNRS 240 – Essay – Due 12.09.08; Mailbox; Noon – Done…LATE…but brilliant!!! – Final Grade B+. Heh. I was sorta freaked cuz I turned this one in through email and so wasn’t sure if he’d gotten it. Emailed him last night and asked if he’d gotten it cuz my final grade hadn’t been posted way after he said it was…so he said yes that he did get it and it was great, as advertised. I did ask to meet with him next semester to go over it, not because of the grade, but because he’s a really awesome teacher and I’d love to get his opinion on my writing and stuff. Cuz I swear it’s that kinda writing that’ll get me through life no matter what history professors say! Even research papers have to be written this way, I swear! There were like…what 20…30? 40? rules about this type of writing but I only memorized two: no “to be” verbs in any form…and no past tense. I’ve done pretty well on the no “to be” verbs, not so well on the no past tense…but no matter…I find that my papers always get better grades when I follow those two rules, even when I only try too. And I’d like to hear what he has to say about my writing overall, mainly critiques cuz I actually like him and value his opinion. WEIRD! I KNOW! I usually am uber scared of teachers…

HNRS 240 – Extra Credit Essay – Due 12.09.08 – Yea…not doing it…

RELI 212 – Exam – 12.11.08 – DONE! Was not bad…out of 10 definition questions I answered 9 and was positive about 7. Left one blank because I was just like…er what?? And “guessed” on 2. For the “essay” question I think I did alright. Only worried about my structure, but the info was good, I think. And I got a B+ for my paper so….maybe I’ll get a C in this class? Fingers crossed for a B! But thank God it’s OVAHHH!!!!

GOVT 132 – Exam – 12.16.08 – DONE!!! Was…how do I put this…freakin awesome! 40 questions, 2 wrong means minus 1 point…out of the 40 questions I was unsure of like…3 or 4, and didn’t know 1, but just looked it up and think I might’ve gotten that one right. And the 3 or 4 that I was unsure of…I guessed reasonably, I think this might be OK. Please dear God…

FREN 370 – Exam – 12.16.08 – DONE! It…how do I put this…RAPED THE EFFIN EFFTARD OUTTA ME!

HNRS 227 – Exam – 12.16.08 – DONE! Was actually pretty good. I went over all my previous tests and of course…the questions on the final were exactly the same. I only had time to review my first two tests though…so…I was sure of the first half or so…then the last few questions was like…er…what? But I just checked my grades this morning…and…B+! OMG! I KNOWWWW!!! It’s freakin AWESOME! I have pretty terrible test grades aside from that passing C on the last test, but I guess my lab grades and clicker question grades saved me? And maybe I did do well on the final? IDK but I saw the grade this morning and at first didn’t realize it because I thought it was just one of the other two HNRS grades but no. I was like…YES! I don’t have any hope for B’s for my last three classes though because, at least for this class I had those other assignments that I did well on to save me. The last three classes, I don’t have those other assignments so…I don’t know. All I’m worried about now is if my GPA drops too low I won’t be able to renew my scholarships. But no…cannot think about that…must…not…think…YAY A B+ for science! YAY!

F*CK! Just bite me life…just effin bite me!

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