aujourdhui, c'est mon anniversaire. j'ai vingt ans. quel age!!!   2 comments

last night i heard mother go into my room and saw her put a balloon on my desk. then this morning otouto woke me up and shoved an ihome in my face. lolz. was funny. it’s a…what’s it called…speaker pillow i think. it’s totally cool! hahahaha, i have to listen to music while i sleep and it’s annoying when i’m sleeping out and i don’t have my boombox. so i tried sleeping with my head phones on and…they hurt! the earbuds and the normal kind….so yay for the speaker pillow! lolz, it connects right to the ipod and it’s awesome!

and then mother asked my if i’d seen what was on my desk so i ran back into my room (was in the living room) and saw three little ring boxes. i was like…YES!

i love jewelry. i absolutely adore jewelry. i was reading this other girl’s blog the other day and was sorta disgusted by her talking about how she’s so used to being treated by a princess even when her family was poor so she expects her boyfriend to be able to keep up and shizz…but then i realized…wen i have lover, i’d want him to be financially stable, very stable. i mean…i’m not asking for princess treatment…but i love jewelry and i’d want it for presents and stuff. no lie no shame. the other girl was used to being treated like a princess and so expects to be treated like that for the rest of her life, i am so not used to being treated like a princess so expect to be treated like one in the future…how interesting that girls’ dreams are all relatively the same.

anyways, so i gots three rings from mother. one of them is one that’s been around for awhile but mother kept it and i was only allowed to wear it on special occasions and then it stopped fitting. so she resized it. the second one she gave to me to wear a few months ago but one of the diamonds fell out so she got it fixed. and then there was this new one that’s like…uber pretty. the main diamonds for the two newer ones is turquoise…my month’s color. but i told mother my fav color is seagreen so…maybe another one in a few years? when i graduate undergrad?? see i’m not THAT selfish…lolz…it’s a jewelry present every few years…it’s not often…lolz. mother knows i have a love for jewelry. and i was like…whoa three?? and she was like…well it’s been 20 years. lolz, they’re all so pretty! i always get excited when i get jewelry…earrings…rings…bracelets…necklaces…my loves!!! usually i only get earrings every few years cuz mother gives money to ppl who go to vn to buy them…and i used to get necklaces but not as much…and i don’t get bracelets usually except twice or something a long time ago….and i’ve gotten rings but not often…nothing like these!

and funnily….i can’t wear fake jewelry…i’m allergic…literally my skin gets red and bumpy and itchy…it happens to a lot of ppl! i think. i am not high maintenance! i just like nice things. and i’m not spoiled…hell knows that otouto and i are the poor kids amongst our friends…maybe that’s why getting a ring or a pair of earrings is so nice to me, for a little while it takes me away from our small apartment that’s half paid for by the government cuz we don’t have enough money, and takes me to a place with diamonds and riches. one day! one dayyy!!!

and the jewelry i’ve gotten has always been from parents or…my boss got me a bracelet once…but other than that once it’s always been from the ‘rents. i used to, in the very past, pretend that it was a ring i got from a guy, a loverr….i got over it. lolz. i guess i sorta like that it’s from my ‘rents. it’s simple but it’s like their attempt to take me away from the hard life for a bit. idk. but my lovers’ presents’ll have to be larger…but larger or not i prolly won’t appreciate it as much as the ones i got from the ‘rents.

ok so enough about my ranting. here’s how shallow i am, s’ok tho, i accepted that fact awhile ago. and it’s my bday! let me splurge on my narcissism!

ok so tomorrow after mass we’re having a bday meal. co hanh and co phuc and someone else is coming…and then there’ll be mother me and otouto. heehee! just a simple meal. mother said she didn’t want to tell anyone that it’s my bday. i think co phuc knows that my bday is sometime around this time but…idk if she knows it’s tomorrow. s’ok tho…i have the awesomest presents this year. lolz.

and next sunday reed otouto and i are gonna go hang. it’s like a bday/xmas celebration, since it’s the weekend right after my bday and right bfor xmas. it should b cool! i dunno if i’ll have enough money tho so…idk, we’ll see. if i don’t have enough then maybe i’ll just have reed come over and watch a movie or something, idk! i should get his presents soon…

but yea, i’m so old!! no longer can i use the “teens” as an excuse for my sillyness.

::sigh:: papa, je souhaite que vous etes ici. vous me manque. j’ai vingt ans deja, vous savez. papa, restez avec moi toujours, s’il vous plait. j’ai besoin de vous.

ahhhh another year downnn!!! mother said that she won’t be doing a bday anything for me next year…i guess this year’s dinner is considered a party? but no worries, next year we go clubbing! chyeaaaaa!!!!

s’all, i’ll be back either after exams are all done and i’m free…or after all the bday stuff is over. lolz. we’ll see.

chya ne!


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  1. a comment box! XDanywho, happy birthday! how old are you turning? i like your pressies! ^^aww, that was sweet of your mum to place that balloon on your desk. so sweet.omg, I love jewelry too! I love earrings the most X) I have a huge collection earrings at home hehe

  2. yay! HAPPY BIRTHDAY<3 =DDDThat ring your mom gave you looks really adorable. I really like. Remmeber to show it off to Van Lang girls! ;]

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