so one of my coworkers came by and hovered around my cubicle while waiting for the boss's office to clear of people…   Leave a comment

and we talked about when she went to school and the jobs she worked and stuff. she had to work multiple jobs and all through college so she developed a really good work ethic. so every now and then during the convo she would mention “good work ethic” and while listening to her talk i was absentmindedly also thinking of work ethics. my own of course.

i can’t say that i have the best work ethic…or even a good one at that. i’m a pretty big procrastinator when it comes to school work and sometimes even work work. the summer was the worst. i mean…yes i did develop a database and did little projects here and there…and i did a lot more than the other two interns here…but still. a lot of the time i felt like i wasn’t doing anything.

one of the reasons for that is this intern that was here. she…she’s sorta…i don’t know. usually…i guess she’s fine. she’s nice and understanding enough. but i mean…other times she just wastes my time. she’d call me over to her desk for no reason. i’d come over and stand there waiting for her to say something and she’d look up at me after a few minutes and be like “so what’s up?” and i’d be like “did you need something?” and she’d go “no, just wanted you to come over.”

i’ve had a lot of issues with her trying to make me keep her company. i had to snap at her once about it and she was not happy but i didn’t care. i mean…she started working here before me…a year? before me. but she only worked during the summer whereas i worked all year long. which meant that my time here has been…almost two years while she’s only had…1 summer month, 1 summer month, a whole summer…and she’s coming back this break. tomorrow.

so she’s been working here overall a total of 5 months…and i’ve been working here a total of…24 months…i started in jan. 2007. ok so almost 24 months. on paper she’s probably the same level as me, but she always acts like she’s my boss. and i guess because of that everyone else here has also looked at her as higher leveled than me. usually i don’t mind cuz i mean…what’s it matter? it only gets to me when she becomes a bully. i was never really bullied much in school…was just bullied at home…so i don’t know how bullies really are but…i think she’s a bully. she literally purposely hurts ppl, and she knows it. i don’t know if i’ve talked about it before…maybe it was the last blog, but just for example…i was sitting at her desk one day and she just randomly took a pair of scissors and tried to write on my arm with it. at the same time i looked down to notice, someone else was walking by and sorta just looked at us and so she stopped. but by then she’d already carved a line in my arm. was very small but still…wtf?? i was like…WTF? and then while we were on detail in maryland, we had these badges with really hard, sharp edges, and she took one and ran it along my arm so that it scratched me, and this time i got pissed so i was like “dude, i have one of those too” “so?” “so i can do that to you too” and she sorta widens her eyes in disbelief and goes “i dare you! i dare you to do it!” and omg, she got so scary…i was scared, literally! that and the fact that we were in an office! we were on detail for work! no one was in the office with us at that time but still! you just don’t DO that at work! and of course she’s done other mean, bully things but, w.e.

so usually i’m a pushover around her. or well…i act like it at least, because i really like this job and she’s closer with the bosses than me and i don’t want anything to ruin my chances here, especially if it’s in the form of a bully. and i mean…she’s not done anything SO terrible…i must have a pretty high tolerance if to me scratching and shizz is tolerable…so i don’t say anything. it’s not like the ppl here don’t know that she has temper, attitude problems, but with the overall big picture, it’s not worth making a big deal out of.

so anyway, over the summer she was here all three months. and a lot of those times she’d be given little menial tasks but i’d have to help her. like once, she had to mail out 200 something books. she couldn’t print labels because she doesn’t have a computer and printer, so i let her use my computer. big mistake. she kept messing up and double printing and stuff so that she ended up being on my computer for forever. then even after that, she confused the heck out of herself and started getting so upset that i had to come over to her cubicle and calm her down. then i told her to just go do the other thing that someone else had asked her to do and she told me to just leave the stuff. she told me to throw away like 10…maybe 20? pages of labels because she couldn’t figure out whether or not she’d double printed them. so of course she leaves and in the half an hour that she’s gone, i checked all the labels, printed out the ones she didn’t have, checked with the master list to make sure i had them all, put them all on boxes, basically did her job for her. when she came back all she had left to do was put the books in the boxes and then send ’em off. she was like “omg i’m so thankful, tomorrow i swear i’ll help you with whatever you need help with” and so the next day i ask her, stupidly, to check some info for me and she did it, but only after grabbing the papers out of my hand, snapping at me, and walking away all mad. i was like…OMG! but anyway, why, you ask, did i do all that to help her when i shoulda let her do it herself? well i’ve experienced her throwing things about, slamming the telephones, in one of the office rooms (when no one was in there) because her family was late in sending her something or something, idk, and i was not about to let her throw stuff around at her cubicle and possibly get in trouble myself for not helping her calm down.

what was my point again?…o yea wasting my time. then once, she called me over to my desk because she had to paint something, and she hates to paint even tho the only reason she got the job here was because she won an art contest, long story, and so i came over ‘cuz i thot she needed something but nope, she just wanted me to ramble on about senseless things while she painted because she was upset that she had to paint and she needed me to distract her…

I KNOW! WTH??!!!

so of course since she was making life a big pain in the arse here, i would trudge down to HR where my other friend worked so i could complain and rant and break down and be comforted. lolz, thank god for my friend in HR, she got me through it all. so after i get down to HR, i wouldn’t wanna go back up to my office!

for her credit…that girl intern is not a bad, terrible person. she’s usually fine, she’s a nice friend when she’s in a good mood. but otherwise…she’s a mean bully. but if she’s in a nice mood then she’s great…!

…erm…ok so yea…obviously even tho i did a lot over the summer, i also didn’t do a lot. i didn’t use my time efficiently. then when school started i only worked 6 hours a week. it didn’t feel like enough. there were days when i’d come in to just check stuff on the computer and then left…early. i always told myself that as long as i was keeping up with the work…and that i have all of winter break to take care of the huge build-up in my “TO DO” folder. i swear…i look at that folder and my head just hurts.

well, today is my first day back full time, and i have to promise myself that i am going to improve my work ethic. i’ll try to come on time every day and leave on time. maybe late, but never early. unless there’s a family emergency something, lolz. and i have to work hard. since it’s winter break and i’ll be full time, i might have to juggle stuff, and i need to make sure that i do each task well. and…that girl is back starting tomorrow (i thot it was today so before i came in the door this morning i almost had an anxiety attack, it’s thAT bad)…and…i don’t know. i don’t know what kinda work she’ll do or anything but…i have to maintain a safe distance away from her and her cubicle. i mean…she’s said that i’m one of her best friends, and i swear usually we’re fine…it’s just other times…i’m tired of helping her keep things together when i have my own stuff to do. i don’t want to make her sound like a monster but…sometimes she’s close! and even tho we’re friends…i just don’t agree with some of the stuff she does AT WORK. i mean…yea while she’s in state she’s in manassas and i’m in arlington, but i wouldn’t mind hanging out after work (well maybe i would mind) and of course i’m cool with having a friend at work since i have my HR friend too…but still! some of the things she chooses to do AT WORK is just…Ahhhhhh incomprehensible!

ok i digress…i figure that i have a lot to do this break. need to keep up, catch up…make up…i don’t have time to waste. the coworker that brot up this whole good work ethics thing had a much harder time with money for college, i realize i have it good. but if i don’t work hard to catch up this break, i’ll end up working as hard, or harder, than she had to. i can’t let that happen. and i want to prepare myself for the “real world” while i’m still in an environment where mistakes won’t cost me too much, yet.

erm…so what was the point of this post you ask? idk. i think it’s that…i have to work on attaining a better work ethic!

altho…i guess blogging during work doesn’t help right…? well…i’m waiting for someone to get back to me about something! and…since it’s my first day back i don’t have any little tasks to do, just that one big project but i can’t work on it till someone emails me back something and…ok i suck.

tomorrow! tomorrow i will begin to improve my work ethics!

wtheck does good work ethics mean anyway? i’ll look it up.


A Good Work Ethic: What Is It? By Carl Muller.

Having a good work ethic can take you a long way in your career.

I’ve seen numerous references to the historical meaning of phrases like “good work ethic” and rather than getting bogged down in various interpretations of what it means, the reality is that employers tend to look favorably on staff who are considered to have a strong work ethic.

People often refer to someone as having a good work ethic when they work hard however I think there is a lot more to having a good work ethic than just this.

I’ve found that showing your colleagues and superiors that you care and have a good attitude with regards to your work can help you build a good reputation that carries you far.

To me, having a good attitude goes hand in hand with having a good work ethic.

I’ve found that it can be easy to exceed the expectations of others simply by being someone who is reliable, diligent and professional. Conversely, having the opposite of these traits can be your quickest way to being seen as a lazy employee who is not held in high regard by others.

These days, companies often get by with fewer staff doing more work so being seen as someone with a good work ethic can really help to distinguish you from others especially during periods of downsizing or conversely when it comes time to promote someone.

To me, having a good work ethic in a modern sense refers to being professional, diligent and caring about your work and the people you work with.

Completing your work on time, not wasting the time of your colleagues, sending professional emails without typos, offering your help to others when they require it. I think these are all hallmarks of people with a strong work ethic.

A positive attitude goes a long way, too.


sounds possible!

funnily enough, she’s known as having a temper and attitude, and i’m known as the happy-go-lucky-life-is-awesome-always-a-smile-on-my-face-even-tho-everyone-knows-my-life-isn’t-and-hasn’t-been-all-that-great-one. i get my work in on time…i for one don’t waste time of my colleagues…i rererereread all my emails before i send them, especially if they go outside the service…and…obviously i help others. i also do care about my work and those around me, cuz they’re all nice. lolz. so…i guess…maybe i’ll just have to work on being more of all of those traits plus wasting less of my own time?

ARGH…i hate how one of my coworkes in my actual branch always thinks i need something to do. like…omg do you not see the binders and folders and notepads and do you not see my eyes glued to the double computer screens and my face in a confused state? that means i’m working on something!

AHHHH!!! o well. i hope that my boss doesn’t ask me to give the other intern something to do when she comes in tomorrow. well…they’ll both be in before me i hope, so maybe by the time i get in, she’ll have something to do..

ok i gotta stop. this is not helping me improve my work ethic. just gotta forget about allathat…and focus on doing better during this break. ok!

ghirardelli chocolate is really good.

chya ne!

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