i made 96 dollas selling three of my text books on amazon.   Leave a comment

i sent ’em off today. i tried selling my SAT study books a year or so back but only one of them sold so i wasn’t sure about selling my books this time but, thank goodness i tried again. a friend of mine from school sold her textbook back to the school for half the price she bought it at, i got more selling them on amazon.

then while i was on my way home i had a perfect idea. i’ve decided not to give any presents this year aside from to reed dolores mother and otouto…but then i thought about giving out handmade cards to the other ppl. like a packet of 5 cards for every person (the designs’ve gotten better). granted last night i spent like 2 hours making just 6 cards, but that’s because i was watching criminal minds and csi ny so my eyes were somewhere else half the time. and i think if i make more i’ll get better at them and will make them faster. and the time was mainly spent thinking about what to do so once i bring about my imaginative side, it prolly won’t take so long. well, if i want to do this then i have to start soon seeing as how xmas is next week and the girls that i’d give the cards to i’ll only see on saturday…ok maybe i’ll only make and give out two or three packets. lolz.

and, i was thinking, if i make those packets, i can have like…a single theme…so each card would have a themed stamp…and all the envelopes would have the same basic design and say something like…”snow kissed”…on them…so that say one day i do start to sell the packets, i can just sell them by name. and of course i make mini cards to not waste paper and those would be called…”mini snow kisses”…or something…yea i’m making those names up as i go. i’ll post up some pics later.

and then! i was thinking…lolz…that if someone buys like…more than two packets, i can add in a handmade bracelet or earrings or something…yes i make those two.

i really like making cards cuz a lotta the tools can be used over and over. a few dollars for a few stamps that can be used for a hundred cards! and the cardstock lasts me awhile ‘cuz i make sure to use ALL of the card.

i used to think that i had to have a lotta stickers to make good cards but omg buying stickers is so wasteful. stamps are much better. for now tho i only have good xmas stamps…so if i do continue making these cards…i’ll have to buy more occasion stamps…

ok anyway…so i’ve always wanted to create my own company…and when i was younger all the cards or anything i made had “AA Productions” on the back…lolz…AA stood for Asian Alliance…but now it just reminds me of “Alcoholics Anonymous”…maybe cuz otouto and i are freaking…alcoholics…ha! and…what asian ALLIANCE? lolz…so for now the stuff i make will be called “BlNC Productions”…my one girl company will be called BlNC Inc. hahaha…it stands for Baisez les Nuages Creux. can be sounded out as “bink” or “blink”. LOLZ! and once i have a real company, wikipedia will say “AA Inc., formerly BlNC Inc….has made quite a name for themselves…”

yea it took otouto and i like 15 minutes to think of that name. ha! i think it’s cool. as i was thinking of names on my own i made up some stuff but didn’t know what the nickname would be. now tho the name is Baisez les Nuages Creux but ppl’ll just say “ay man have you seen the new designs from ‘blink’?” cuz that’s how they’d pronounce it…

ok…sooooo…yea…what…? i just got a phone call and so…have forgotten what i was talking about…er…yea…

sound cool eh? i had a thought to mark all my photos with “BlNC Productions” too but…lolz, i think that might be a bit much.

so yea…both AA Inc. and BlNC Inc. are copyrighted aiight??!!!

k coo.


Posted December 19, 2008 by .unpaused. in Life

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