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so on thursday keets came into work and it was…ok…well…eh idk. lolz. i guess i just sorta don’t wanna get into it too much so i’m just gonna ignore the annoying stuff for now. but at one point i was over at her cubicle and kevin walked by and i guess i was in one of my moments where i was talking about how great christmas lights are and how pretty they are and how i really like them. so on friday, kevin looks over at me from his cubicle and goes “nhu-y why do you look so glum?” and like the stupidhead that i am i look up and go “what?” and so he repeats his question…and i just quickly look outside and lie that i’m sorta tired and sad because it’s so nasty outside. hte truth is i really was tired and shizz so i was just intently reading summaries of horror movies online. so then two seconds later he goes “maybe this’ll make you feel better” and he plugs in the lights on the tree between my cubicle and his. so instantly a huge smile plasters itself on my face and i go “it does it does!!”

lolz, couldn’t contain myself.

then i left work and met up with otouto at gblc (where we volunteer). speaking of volunteering mother said that she wants me to drive otouto to arlington hospital because a distant relative of ours works there and says that it’s easy to get volunteering opportunities there and personally i think it’s fine what with him wanting to be a doctor and all but i hate the way she was talking down at me when she told me to do it because i was like can he even get a place there because brian’s told me before when i asked him why everyone wants to volunteer at hospitals and he said it’s really hard to do but mother just kept talking to me like i was stupid and i had no idea and i just looked on the hospital’s site and it says that you have to be at least 16 and that you have to work for at least…that’s at least! 6 months (i guess it means be committed to working at least 6 months). otouto’s 15 and apparently mother only wants him to work for the summer which is just 3 months hardly. ok i digress…anyways…

so when we got back home i called reed and he came over. i got alluv my bday and xmas presents from him. OMG it was such a poohbear day and i loved every minute of it. pooh books, pooh dvd, POOH STOCKING! pooh ornament…the cutest pooh cards…and a real POOH!! (stuffed). lolz. it was awesome. i’ve already sat myself down and watched the pooh dvd, lovedd it! will probably have it playing in the background over and over while I clean my room until i’ve memorized all the songs. love it!

i told reed about my cardmaking hobby. we came up with numbers on how much i should sell them for and stuff. i made him a few cards and took some orders. i’ve been commissioned. it’ll be great! his first few orders are free tho cuz he helped me figure out the numbers and he’s awesome.

we ordered chinese…was really really good…just watched random t.v. and talked and talked and talked…i don’t think we even watched a movie, just sorta hung out. lolz. was uber fun!

saturday…youth group…there was a “tro choi lon” aka big game. i was one of the stations. it was really funny. i like being the head of a station, you get to bully the kids. hahaha! after mass there was a going away part for thay son. yummy food. o yea…during youth group, there were alotta cookies set next to some clementines and i asked if i could have a cookie. one of the youth group leaders (remember i’m only an assisstant leader) said that we should wait till the kids have it first. so then i said then can i have a clementine (i love those!) and she was like, yea sure. and there was this guy next to her, who’s like…an ex leader? well you can’t really be an ex, once a leader always a leader…but he hasn’t been to youth group in awhile, he just comes sometimes to hang out, not to help out, and i know his name and all but i don’t know him, and he doesn’t know me either i bet, but anyway, he goes “yea have a clementine, lay of the sweets.” i was literally taken aback! like…there are some guy leaders who tease about me being fat and stuff, but i know them. like, we’re not best friends, but i know who they are, we joke around all the time. so i don’t care that they tease me or say something about me eating. but this guy, i didn’t even know him! and he didn’t know me! i mean ok…maybe he knows my face or has heard about me, there aren’t that many youth group leaders and assistant leaders…but still! i thot it was uber rude!

and then…someone else i dislike…this one girl youth group leader, i really, really dislike her. it’s like all she does it seek ways to torture people. at one point there was a jeopardy game and there were 8 teams. and all the kids were being rowdy and stuff but she was sitting right next to otouto’s team. and so even tho all the kids across the room were being loud, she goes “cuong what’s your team name” and so otouto tells her because i mean…his team wasn’t being any louder than any other team so who woulda thot that she’d go “take points off his team they’re being loud.” now that i think about it i shoulda been like “o, take points off all the teams they were all being loud.” but then again my orders don’t go very far so…lolz. and it was only a game…only thing they win is a tiny ribbon pinned to their shirt but…still. she’s mean!

ok so…then sunday…i went with dolores to the farmer’s market at dupont circle. i love that place, lotsa really pretty houses! we bot a buncha stuff to make lasagna and then went home. sat around…talked and shizz…watched the pooh dvd that reed gave me while i pretended to clean my room…then made the lasagna…my half was meaty, hers wasn’t…ate…was really, really good!! and then watched a horror movie. we watched…Loft…i think it’s called. it sucked. was so confusing, was not good at all! so we had to go online to look it up but nothing was clarified then either. o wellz. you gotta have the bad movies to be able to appreciate the good ones.

then drove her home this morning and came in to work.

omg…i just came back from lunch with my coworkers. was so freaking funny! i swear they are just hiiiiilarious, especially my boss. i just kept laughing and laughing and laughing till my eyes teared and my tummy hurt, and i swear i couldn’t freaking breeeeeeath!

and…while we were at cheesecake factory i thot i saw this guy i was attracted to for a bit a few semesters ago. i don’t know if it was a crush…wouldn’t go as far as saying i liked him cuz i never new him…but he was sure as hell attractive. lolz. but i was on my way out and so didn’t really look.

but anywayz…i can’t remember what type of pictures i took…so…idk. maybe i’ll have a separate post later on (once i get home from work…yes i’m at work right now and yes i know this is not helping my “better work ethics” resolution…) with lotsa pictures. idk.

o yea something else…on friday mother came in and made me write cards to the priests at our church. there’s three of them. apparently they all speak french. and so i wrote like one simple french phrase in the cards. and then on sat. one of them talked to me in french. seulement un peu…premierement il a dit “seulement une phrase?” et je veux dire “je ne sais pas quelque chose autre d’ecrire” mais je parlais avec quelqu’un autre et alors…je ne peux pas le dire. et aussi pendant le petit fete, il a dit “vous avez dit que vous parler francais oui?”, ou quelque chose comme ca, et j’ai dit “oui mais seulement un peu” mais je pense que c’est possible que j’ai dit “une peu,” ca ce n’est pas correct. et il y avait un autre “priest” la bas aussi et alors, nous n’avons pas parle beaucoup. lolz, ah je ne sais pas.

ok i think that’s it…maybe pictures later…but it’ll have to be after i clean my room…o! i can do like an update on what i’ve gotten for xmas and bday so far! maybe, i’m not sure yet. : )



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  1. looks like you forgot to take off the comment box again =Pawww, your friends/co workers seem like really cool people ^^

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