ok sooooo…today we get to leave work 2 hours early…   Leave a comment

but it doesn’t matter because my bus doesn’t come again until 3:30…and mother’s at work so the earliest that she can pick me up is 2:45…aish…o wellz…so now i’m just sitting here…i’ll probably pretend to do work until 1 at least…i already finished some small projects and i really don’t wanna start something else now…

keets annoyed me again today. but w.e. was just little stuff. letting it go. but omg she can be uber immature and so inconsiderate at times. pisses me off! but it’s ok…ok…w.e….ok…but next time she asks me to go and stand outside with her while she smokes imma be like…no. yesterday the smoke kept blowing my way and the ashes got on me and my ice cream. yes i said ice cream!!

so the ht are having a new year’s party today to make up for not having a xmas party. it’s potluck so everyone has to bring a dish but i don’t wanna cook nor do i want to ask mother to cook…there’ll be gift exchanging and the gift has to be at lesat $20 and i’m a college student not a working professional so i don’t have $20 to spend on a gift exchanging present and even if i did i refuse to spend it on them who are probably just acquantances not even friends…and no where in any of the emails they sent out announcing the party did they give the address or directions of the place and i am not a magician and even if i can do magic i wouln’t do it just for this. so i’m not going. but the ht are singing for the mass today…i have to go to mass…and otouto and i are supposed to play violin for them…but i don’t want to be in their presence because then they’ll ask if i’m coming and i’ll say no and they’ll ask why and i’ll have to come up with excuses. of course there is the chance that they won’t even bother to ask but i don’t wanna risk it. yesterday mother was like y don’t you go you can’t stay home all the time and i’m like omg please you don’t let that apply with my other friends but you make me go out with them? mothers can be so confusing sometimes i swear…anyways…i think i’ll just sit with mother for mass today and not play and then go home. i was going to cook some clams but then mother was like how about hotpot with shrimp and i was like with octopus and she was like that has a lot of cholesterol and i was like so does shrimp and she was like but you like shrimp and i was like…i like octopus too. so then i was like nvm i don’t wanna deal with it imma just go home and sleep like i did yesterday! i went to sleep at 8 something! was so tired…and so sick…still coughing…

what…was i talking about…? wth ok anywayz….

so last week was otouto’s winter concert. freaking idiot teacher left otouto’s name off the concert brochure and he’s freakin second stand for goodness’ sakes! and so i emailed her a mean but nice letter the next day demanding an explaination and she said it was mere oversight and i was like at least i’m now assured that it won’t happen again. it was very professional…and sorta strict. then otouto’s teacher added me on her facebook…er…? w.e. they played pretty well i gotta give her that, and i told her so. anyway otouto told me that day when i came home that she’s moved him to the second violin section but that’d better not be because i emailed her or someone’s getting sued.

o yea something else…i saw a buncha ppl from w-l when i was there. i never realized how much i didn’t wanna see them until i got there and saw them and realized i really didn’t wanna see them.

so since i had to drop brother off at the concert site an hour before the actual concert i went over and played with the cousins instead of just going to wait in the school. so today cousin albert actually played with me and didn’t run away screaming like usual. then after the concert both otouto and i came over and played with the cousins. lolz. had fun. they’re so cute!

tien (2nd aunt’s kid) and 6th aunt kept giving me funny looks. stared at me but didn’t smile back when i smiled at them… then wen we were leaving 6th aunt ruffled my hair as she was talking to her bf cuz he asked if we were going shopping with them…which we weren’t. idk was weird.

sooooo my room is a great big mess. here’s a small view of a part of the room.

i took this picture while playing with colored pencils at work.

ok so for christmas eve mass i hadta help with the nativity thing. i was in charge of the babylonian slaves group. we started with 8…then went down to four…then one came late so had 5…they were cute. lolz. very ADD. at one point we had the dress rehearsal for the first time…and so i just let the kids do the dance…but i only told them to walk up to the area between the stairs to the altar and the first of the chairs. the other cuu ht who were also doing the thing but in charge of other groups started freakin out. they were all yelling at me because apparently i shoulda been smart enough to tell the kids to go all the way up to the altar. even though, they’d never gone over with me the basics of where the kids were supposed to go…where they were supposed to come from…where they were supposed to dance…and the whole time i was practicing with the kids we had to practice in the basement because the angels group had the altar space the whole time so our group never had anytime to practice in the main area. then later they were like we just don’t want your work to be wasted…which was a really good excuse but honestly…was there any reason to bitch and scream about it…??? i was getting really pissed off!

but w.e. the grownups are always bitches.

we played pretty well during the mass. sounded good i thought.

so after mother came home from mass we went to co hanh’s house. ate food. watched mamma mia for two seconds…helped otouto mess with the dvd and tv for like half an hour…then went back to watching for 5 minutes…then went to sleep on the couch. woke up at and left co hanh’s at 5:30 the next morning, went home, changed and went to morning xmas mass. i was uber tired…

the night after xmas we went to chu han’s house. otouto and i thought it was going to suck so we decided to leave at 8 (party starts at 6). we ended up staying till 10ish…maybe 10:30pm. it was uber fun. lotsa good food too. lolz. i could only find chu han when i left so i didn’t say bye to his wife or kids and apparently his youngest daughter got mad that i didn’t say bye to her so she threw a tantrum. lolz. she’s cute.

then that sunday we went to di lan’s in the morning and i played wii with the kids and then took like a half hour nap…i think i make noises in my sleep…the kind you make when you can’t breath or you’re being jolted up or something like that. idk. anyways, mother made us leave at around 1:30 and she promised to let us stay overnight next time but…she always says that and it never happens so…yea.

so we went to mass…and otouto and i decided last minute to go to the thanh gia choir party at co thu’s house…who is thuy’s mother. i haven’t seen thuy in awhile…but apparently she goes to nova so she’s in town, i guess she just does other things now. it was fun. we all got lottery tickets…which i didn’t check……did a gift exchange…i guess one of the ladies saw that i didn’t like the present i got so she gave me hers…then someone else gave me hers too…lolz. yay! then mother won the big prize…$50 and she said she’ll use it to pray for pops so lolz.

on monday otouto and i and his friends went to tysons to see a movie. saw yes man. was funny. had to pee real bad because i was coughing my lungs out so i kept drinking water to soothe my cough and then just needed to go to the bathroom. : ( after the movie we shopped. got some cool stuff. no clothes though, didn’t wanna get too into it. was still fun though! cuong’s friend’s friend bot his one week long girlfriend a $120 necklace from a real jewelry store…after his friend bout his girlfriend a necklace and earrings from icings…i was like…dude whoa wth. haha! man did they have fun teasing the rich kid afterwards. his friend who bot the thing from icings was like you spoiling your gf too much man. hahaha…kids…spoil is good children good!!!

thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i think that’s it.


i think that’s actually it for now…should i even bother rereading everything for grammar and spelling…? eh…too long…maybe one day but for now i’ll just leave it as it.

besides, i wanna get back to my horror movie. some of the mysoju videos work at work! my bosses have all left!!! i can’t leave for another hour and a quarter because i gots no way to get home darned bus for not running again until late…yay!!

chya ne!

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