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i was going to have a picture…which was going to be a picture of me and some glitter text but…then i decided, fortunately for the sighted world, against it.

no glitter text, s’ok, i rather like this better.
o and my blog’s name isn’t on it…ah w.e.
so…one of the reasons that i have so many blogs is that every now and then i would feel as if i need a fresh new start. i make new blogs in an attempt to shed away my past and of course, it never works so i always end up leaving the blog because no matter what pasts can never be shed. sounds sorta too deep but…that was the way it was.
for some odd reason…i haven’t had that feeling yet…the need for a change. i guess life has taken a…moderate? pace. it’s not too boring…not too slow…not to fast….or maybe, i’m just a little too content with waiting for life to pick up. i’m not sure.
w.e., my point is that it’s the new year and for once, it’s a time that can be considered a “turning point” and yet i don’t have the urge to make a change. i don’t feel a desperate need to turn a new leaf. it’s almost even like i don’t feel the turning point because i wasn’t needing it…if that even makes sense! i’m not saying i’m happy with a moderate life, definitely not, but i think that so far i’ve had a lot of mini changes and revelations that i don’t feel the need to do anything “drastic.”
i guess it also means that as of right now i don’t have many regrets. i mean…i have…and will probably always forever have…that lingering regret with papa…but i mean…that i don’t think i can make disappear so nothing to say about it…so aside from those lingering regrets that i assure myself must accompany those types of situations…i don’t really have any major regrets. either i don’t have any or i’ve accepted them so that i don’t care that i have any. idk which. idk a lotta things.
today i went and did a little shopping with otouto. i’ve been really craving chips and salsa so i bot some but it’s not that great no more. lolz. always happens. then i bot some books…one for otouto and a haunted house book for me. and i also bot something that i thot was a planner but i guess it’s really a diary. i’m using it as a planner tho, it’s perfect! tons of space and all that shazz.
idk i sorta really wanted a journal but…i mean…this is like my journal/diary already. it’s real easy to add pics on here and i won’t be able to draw or doodle but…that’s ok i guess…and i’ve gotten over being nice so alotta the stuff on here is all stream of consciousness and altho i do reread sometimes for grammar and spelling, these are all my real thoughts and opinions no lie. so i guess there’s really no need to have both this and a journal. i guess if there were ever anything that i really, really couldn’t say on here i’d need a private journal to write it down but…that hasn’t happened yet and…well…we’ll see. but omg this planner i got that’s really a diary but i’m using as a planner, it’s awesome!
er….i don’t think there’s anything else i really wanna write about. i hafta go to sleep cuz i needa wake up early tomorrow and shower before work…yay.
okie, here’re my new year’s resolutions in random order:
learn japanese enough to hold a simple conversation. sounds like it should be a “life” goal and not just a new year’s resolution but, i think it’s ok. be nicer ha! well…i’ll try chill more i think that means be more chill as well as chill out more
write more like…academic writing
read more i used to read so much! but then hs and college forced me to read things i didn’t like and took up all the time i coulda spent doing reading i did like lose 30 lbs it is not impossible. to lose the 30 lbs i’ll have to dance more and exercise more and maybe even get back to wushu. be more organized so that i can actually focus on stuff and not just on my messes. play violin better faster fingering, shifting…more bow control! read music faster…lead better… play at least three songs on piano and 3 on guitar since i can already read music it won’t be too hard. left hand on piano’ll be hard and i can’t do any improvising…and erm…those things…i’ve completely forgotten…something…on guitar is hard but…i can do it! maybe…only one song on each…no no, we’ll see! eat healthier goes with the losing weight thing dance better sorta goes with the losing weight thing procrastinate less wasn’t on the top of my list but…it’s on there and i do need to do it cuz it’s always messing me up be happy more real happy…ha…well…we’ll see… care less it’ll help with be happy more improve french hahahahahahahahah!!! ahhhh….w.e…. sing more just for fun
o i think i just thot of something i shouldn’t say online…but then i thought about it and i was like…wait why would i wanna do that less?? hahahahahahaha!!!! yea…ok nvm then.
woooookie dokie i thiinnnnnk that’s it. i really have to go to sleep now…lolz…early rise tomorrow!!
happy new year’s again, chya ne!
i don’t know why my font is weird. >: ( edit: sometimes mother is actually cute. like cute in a childish funny ya wanna laff at her kinda way. and sometimes she’s kinda smart. but ONLY sometimes. add: another new year’s resolution: depend on ppl less because you never know when ppl don’t want to help you…it turns out it might be all the time…so i have to be prepared for everything myself and not depend on others. i mean things like…getting a ride home is fine but i have to be ready so that if i don’t get a ride, i’ll have money and a schedule for the bus, or something like that.

add: i can’t believe i forgot this one! develop a better work ethic! duh! self explanatory!


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