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sooooooooooooooo i walked to the bus stop this morning at around 7:55…that’s when i left the house…got to the bus at around 8:07…bus never came…waited till 8:35…another bus was supposed to come…never came…called the number on the bus stop to ask where the eff the bus was…their help offices are closed today…waited till 8:55…cannot feel anything below my tummy…walked back to the apartment…into my car…sat in it with the heat on full blast for 5…maybe 10 minutes before i could even feel my toes anymore…then drove to work. WTF!!!

at one point it was way past the 8:08 bus and so i called otouto to ask him to check when the next bus after that was coming…and for 5 minutes while i was freezin my butt off the kid was googling “art fest” or something like that because apparently to him “bus” and “fest” sound alike on the phone. ok even if they do sound alike…what reason can there possibly be for me to have to call him to check for times for an “art fest”? ever thought that if i was calling him to check on something like an “art fest”…it’ll be because i’m at leisure and therefore have the time to think about such things…but if i were in leisure it must mean i’m at work…but if i were at work i would be able to check “art fest” stuff myself because i have a computer at work! so if i had to call him to check something it must mean i couldn’t check it myself…which must mean i’m not in front of my computer…which must mean i was not yet at work so i would either be still waiting for the bus in 34 degrees but feels like 26 degrees weather or on the bus…which means why the fuckin hell would i ask about “art fest” information while freezing either waiting or riding the bus???

i’m sorry but that made sense to me. i mean i know it’s early but did he have to be that clueless…honestly??? and he just had to fuckin give me attitude about it too! o yea it’s great being bitchy to someone when you’re in your nice warm room and they’re streets away in the freezing cold!

anyway…at one point i had to call otouto again to ask him to check to see if the buses were in fact running today and he checked the website and it said they were. and i just checked their website myself and it says they’re running normally…so wtf…

i need to bitchslap somebody.

when i started walking back home i called mother to tell her not to pick me up today since i’ll be driving and she’s like “why??? that’s so much parking money!” and i’m like…wtf…do you think i’d be driving if i could take the damn invisible fuckin bus!!!! so i hadta tell her i was standing outside for over an hour waiting for the damn bus and it never came and she goes…o ok good since i have to go grocery shopping anyway.

wtf. wtf. wtf.

then i get into work and as soon as i step out of the elevator i see keets and she grabs me and goes come on and i’m like where we goin i ain’t goin outside and she goes why not and i’m like i just spent over an hour outside i’m freezin and i’m not goin again and she makes that ugly puppy dog face and i’m like w.e. and i walk off. it’s ugly because it’s half the begging puppy dog face and half the threatening pissed off face and i just did not give a shit.

and since i drove i hadta park in the parking deck. i’m parking on P2. there’s a horror movie called P2. i’m going to leave work today and go down to my car and be kidnapped and die!!


i do not want to be here today.

o well on the bright side of things since i have my car i’ll be able to just drive straight to the post office and the bank after work. the benefits of having my car with me. see i got some good out of it…if i don’t die from the crazy murderer running loose in P2 like in the movie! AH! fuck.


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