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i might have it

otouto and i talked about this some days ago. we don’t like empty space. there’s just something…creepy about it. we don’t like to leave the door open or look into mother’s room because it’s so…empty. she’s never in it when we’re home usually cuz she’s at work. and it’s even creepier when it’s dark in there. and it’s worse i guess since papa passed. but idk…i’m just not into empty spaces in general…it’s just so…not busy. i mean…i’m all for relaxing and stuff but…i also like to keep myself busy. i don’t get it. i’m just a procrastinator and yet…i can’t just not be doing nothing. so empty space…it’s just not “busy” enough for me. idk. i get genuinely freaked of empty space…like…when i’m walking into my room the empty hallway makes my head dizzy…and when i get to my room i just CANNOT stand at the door and look in. i HAVE to walk in immediately and DO something…otherwise i’d just be looking into a…still room. i mean…when i say empty space i don’t mean like completely empty. well that’d creep me out for sure! but even a space that has stuff in it but no activity…know what i mean?

like…a room that has furniture…things in it…but unless the tv’s on and the fan’s on and the music’s blaring…or there’s ppl hanging out or doing stuff…or something…just some activity of some sort…it just creeps me out. i need the busi-ness. idkkkkkkkkk….w.e. it was just a random thot really. lolz.

otouto gets the same feelings tho so…yea.

okie must sleep getting drowsy gnight!


Posted January 3, 2009 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

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