so i finished the choreography for hoi cho tet today.   Leave a comment

otouto’s choreography for the guys is really cool. lolz. the girls are more simple.

then otouto taught me the six step. it’s hard! and he tried to help me learn some freezes but those are hard! i need more arm muscle if i wanna do freezes well so. yea. but it’s ok…it’s my first day so…haha…i think i’m doin ok.


i sorta use my planner like a journal. lolz. i feel like writing a story. otouto and i came up with a story idea but…i didn’t write it. lolz. i think i should, it was really well thought out! hermmmm…it’s like a supernatural story though so…i’m sorta scared. you know what they say! well…what the movies say…something about writing or acting like ghosts…and how that can make them come after you. yes i’ve watched too many horror movies. thuy told me that a. phong said that ghosts can only show themselves to you if you want to see them. thank goodness cuz i never wanna see one. lolz. good god. why am i talking about stuff like that randomly? i’m watching ghost adventures on travel channel. lolz.

but the story idea doesn’t involve ghosts i don’t think. just magic or something.

i started writing a wuxia story…i got as far as the prologue…it wasn’t bad. and i did bits and pieces of it and it had romance in it…that part definitely wasn’t bad! maybe i should get back to that first and then go on to the story idea that otouto and i thought of. hermmmmmmm idk we’ll see.

i wanna practice writing like…stories…but i also wanna write poems…and i especially wanna get back in my ib academic style of writing. those were the best. if only.

anyway…gonna nap. mother’s making us go to midnight mass with her….so imma take an hour nap or something.

she’s makin us go to mass at midnight…so we won’t be able to go to bed until after 1am…then tomorrow we have to wake up early because we have to go to 8am mass…and then immediately right after mass we start dance practice all freakin day long…and then at 2pm we have to play for a wedding…then back to dance practice…then mass…we don’t get home until 7pm tomorrow night! and we’re running all over the place so much so that our immune system gets all weak because our bodies are all weak and tired…and so we get sick…and when we get sick she freaks the fuck out. and she goes “i get so worried when you’re sick.” wtf. stuuuupid.

ok w.e. gonna go sleep now. nights!

chya ne!


Posted January 3, 2009 by .unpaused. in Life

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