mother wants me to cut off the home phone service.   Leave a comment

which is fine i guess since each one of us has a cell phone.

but then she wants us to cut off the tv cable too. we have basic cable, that’s a fucking $21 a month. SHE might not watch T.V., but otouto and i do! what a fuckin bitch. she says that all we need is the internet. that’s what she says now. but then other times when we actually using the internet she talks about how we’re always spending time on it. god fuck her. if i had complete control of all the money, this type of action would be unnecessary. but her and her fucking idiocy. she caters food on the side but she has no business sense. i bet she’s never making any profit at all when you think and really consider the money she’s putting in to the catering and the money she’s getting out of it. and then every now and then she caters a bunch of food for people for free! because she has to repay them back…if everyone who gave us money for dad’s funeral expected shit back from her then maybe everyone should just go to hell because they just made things worse. and some ppl who gave more money she doesn’t pay back, it’s like she selectively pays ppl back or something. and those ppl she selects to pay back money to is from church. she’s just a church whore. god i fuckin hate her.

and so now since we’re cutting off the house phone, every time i do something that’s “professional”…from housing or insurance or doctors and stuff, i have to give them my fucking phone number. god damn bitch i fucking hate her!


Posted January 6, 2009 by .unpaused. in Life, Quickie

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