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ahhh awesomeeee!

i haven’t seen the karate kid series in awhile. i only caught the last one tho, the one with the girl.

ok so it’s been awhile since i posted, my bad. i started writing this post two days ago but am only getting around to actually posting it now…well maybe i’ll post it. or maybe i’ll just get distracted again and put it off. idk.

soooo…nothing’s really been going on. school starts for me next week…o god…first day of classes is on inaguaration day! how the heck am i supposed to get to school with all these ppl in the city?? on sunday i went to the mall and just walking through one row in the parking lot i saw cars from like 6 other states! driving is gonna be terrible. my first class starts at…around 10am i think…but i might have to leave extra early to make it. it’s lame that we don’t have school off. the hs kids have school off. dolores, who goes to william and mary in williamsburg, miles and miles away from here, has school off. laaaaaaaaaame i hate this school. i am sorta excited about going back because i miss my classes…yes i am a nerd. i don’t miss the ppl, heck knows i avoid them as i walk…but i miss being in classes.

o don’t worry, i’m not completely odd. i’ll get to class and then immediately wish it were break again like normal ppl.

hermmmm…signed up for alla my classes. just bought my books off of…total of…about $396. that’s about $100 less than buying my books used from the school bookstore…and about $300 less than buying my books new from the school bookstore…one of the other things i hate about this school. keets’ school, also public, lets her check out her books and then she gets to keep them. and her tuition is about the same as mine! oyyy vayyy…

i finished teaching the choreography for hoi cho tet. that’s this saturday. i’m not sure they all got it…and i know that at least one or two of them are completely lost because they weren’t at practice. at first i was going to have them wear red ao dais because of uniformity…i wasn’t going to perform with them because i don’t think i fit into the red ao dais. now i think i’ll have to dance because they’ll need someone to look at. it looks fine, pretty even, when they do it right. we’ll have to see. and since it’s for hoi tho tet, the whole day they’ll be busy at their stations so i can’t practice with them. i needa keep my promise and post up a tutorial tonight. i tried last week but kept messing up. lolz. i’m not very good with tutorials.

lost my train of thought…

o yea…last saturday we had the very first practice for the dai nhac hoi performance. for once i had the choreography beforehand. and we didn’t get through all of it. lolz. i think it’ll be ok. i mean…the guys play around too much but…they’re guys, they’re aDD. by the end of the night they were doing impressions of me and i was a monster. so i did an impression of one of them being gay. lolz. i’m making them have practice on mlkjr day since we have school off. but that’s the day before the first day of school for me so they better not fool around too much. i’d kick some of them out for disturbing the peace but…one of the reasons i’m being allowed to do this dance is because i’m using so many of the ns. so i have to stick with it. o wellz. i like the song and the choreography, it’s cool. i have to finish the rest of the choreography this week but…it should be fine. so after the mlkjr practice…we’ll have that saturday for “dress rehearsal”…and then the sunday is the performance….o goddddd…

o…sometime last week there was something about some planets being visible. i think the one next to the moon is…venus? pretty sure…

i did end up cutting the phone service. did it last night. the lady said it would take effect, as in our phone should stop working, at 6pm last night but…then at around 8 mother called and it was still working…and this morning i called just to see and…it was still working so…hafta call them again.

on saturday i had to teach the au nhi about tet. : ) i told them the story about tet and made them act it out…then i did a crafts thing. we made firecrackers! man doing crafts with the au nhi…so hectic! i thot my voice was going to give! of course i’d spent the morning yelling at the dancers so…my voice was already on its way out but…still…

inside the middle cracker roll is supposed to be a “loc dau xuan” which is in reality a new year’s wish…but for teaching’s sake i made them write “happy new year” in english…then viet…then a new year’s resolution…was the level leader’s idea…of course some of them didn’t write anything…and some just forgot to put it in…then some forgot to pick the crakers up overall so…w.e.

last friday was really quite at work. at one point near the end of the day someone brought in their dog. that lead to of course…half the branch chiefs…the deputy chief of the division…and lotsa others…to come out of their offices and sit on the floor like little children and play with the dog. he was really cute!

on my way home from the bus stop’s one day i noticed this tree stump…

there was a tiny cardinal next to it too but it flew away when i got near. oopz.

i…by all means…do not take pictures professionally or anything, obviously…i just like to take pictures…they turn out alright i think for just some kid using a digital camera. lolz.

herm…so…at work…i know we passed that a bit before but here it is again…since it is winter break and all i’m doing iS working…

i have this project to do a buncha analyses about all the nmbca grants that have ever existed since the program started. andrea gave me the project and is being a little less than not helpful. then yesterday she comes by and asks me if i’m gonna be in the office on some day in february and i, stupidly i might add, told her that i would be if it were a friday because i’ll be working full time on fridays once the semester starts…so then she tells me that she’d like me to give a presentation…to the advisory group for nmbca…and i’m guessing they’re higher up than her because the only reason i’m doing all these analyses is because thEy asked for them…

i’m practically doing all this for her! fine, i’ll do the work…but why make me present it too? and of course a presentation calls for a powerpoint. i was nervous enough giving that presentation to the division…but at least everyone in the room knew me and they were all nice…the advisory group…i don’t know these ppl! i’m not sure they’ll be “nice”. i mean…yes yes i know this is real work in the real world who’s nice anymore…but still! i’m so nervous!

that’s why i really want to get this project done and over with so that i can prepare for the presentation but she just won’t look at the stuff i give her. i need her to approve of them so that i can start putting things together but will she look at all my charts and graphs? no. i know she has other things to do but come on, a quick look at what…6…7? excel sheets…that’s not a lot! ah w.e. i was complaining about how i don’t get paid enough to do all this and then…that changed so…can’t say that anymore. and i’m sure that this typa stuff looks good on my resume but…argh w.e. lolz. just needed to rant. i know that in the long run i need this kind of experience…if you asked me what the iso code is for a country in central america or the bahamas is…i could probably tell you. lolz.

ok so random change of subject cuz i don’t wanna talk about this anymore…on new year’s mother otouto and i went to the buffet. my goodness their crawfish was so good! i really wanted to go back soon cuz i wanted to make sure that the crawfish would still be good…but w.e. usually their crawfish is pretty good. juicy. lolz. i love seafood. then after the buffet otouto and i went and did a little shopping. bot useful stuff. i bot him a book, in my attempt to encourage him to read more. lolz.

here’s a random pic…my focus was the planner but…might as well put in those other things since they were in the area anyway…

and i finally did a basic cleaning of my room!

there’s probably a fancy name for this…but i don’t know it…it just holds my make up…i think i threw the matching chair away so i don’t actually sit in front of it and do make-up or anything…

ok and of course…my most favorite type of pictures of all time…FOOD pictures! yay!!!

reed otouto and i went on an outing on sunday. we had some lunch and then watched doubt. was a good movie! and was a good lunch.

we went to…thai terrace i think it’s called…in arlington, va. this is like a semi review but more not. the service was nice…we seemed to be the only ppl in the place…we saw ppl leave before we came in. thai terrace is located in the “business” neighborhood but unlike its restaurant neighbors, was actually opened on sundays. a lot of the other restaurants close on the weekends because they cater to actual businesses…and those are only opened on weekdays. anyway…all three of us ordered seafood.

i didn’t bring my camera and it took me awhile to remember that i could just take pics with my phone…so the quality’s sorta ehh but it’s ok. i found out i don’t really like soft shell crab. i like other crab tho! the calamari was really good…and otouto like the crab so it was probably just me.

the sauce was to die for! so good! the mussels were a little bit too small but…i am an avid seafood fan so…ya. the dish was also labeled as spicy but it wasn’t at all. other than that, it was deelish!

he seemed to like it too.

we checked out the dessert menu but nothing looked good so we just decided to sneak in candy to the movie. lolz.

overall the meal was yummy! i do recommend!

then yesterday keets and i met up with brad from patuxent and we went to lunch at this restaurant…capital? capitol? brewery? well…it was inside the postal museum, across the street from the union station metro.

apparently the place is usually more filled up but there wasn’t that many ppl that day. nice atmosphere. huge thingimajigers of beer in the middle of the room at the bar. lolz. brad ordered their homemade root beer but said that it tasted like normal root beer. lolz. they had complimentary pretzels…was good! a bit salty but…was good.

i ordered a crab cake sandwich. it came with really good fries. the picture’s sorta pale so i added alittle color to the border.

ok…so i’ll save a bit of awesome news for last…but before then…last night i got a text from jeanette asking me if i’d heard that andrea is going to be attending mason (our school) this semester. i didn’t know who the text was from so i warily just texted back…”what…? no.” and asked if andrea had finished with her nova credits. jeanette didn’t know but apparently andrea’d been talking to someone on facebook and of course…facebook tells you everything!…the newsfeeds showed that she was talking about how she was signing up for classes and stuff at mason. so i immediately called jeanette (half because i was editing stuff and didn’t wanna text…and half because i needed to hear the person’s voice to figure out who it was [i did have a feeling that it musta been jeanette]). so jeanette thot that even tho the both of us ended on bad terms with andrea…i won’t get into it…it was two different sets of bad terms…we should be nice and offer to show her around. my answer to that was…”er yea…it’s gonna be a no for me.” jeanette asked and i replied…that i wasn’t still mad at andrea. i’d gotten over the whole issue the moment i hung up on her. but after i did…she texted me…called me…meanfacebook messaged me demanding explanations…and i left them all unreplied. so i can definitely go up to her and be like “yo what’s up?” but this is a two way thing here. she probably wouldn’t take it so lightly. i mean…heck…the first thing she says when she approaches a guy she hasn’t seen or spoken to in two years who used to be pretty good friends with her and just drifted apart because that’s what normal ppl do…was “so i see you took me off your facebook friends?” leaving the guy thinking…uh what do i say to that??

knowing that, i’m not going to put myself into the situation for her to make me feel uncomfortable. now…ironically…reed (the guy i just mentioned) and i were talking about what i would do if i happened to see her in the street one day…neither of us thot it would be at my school…and i said…probably turn around and run off. and even while talking with jeanette i first thot…god if i saw her in the halls i’d prolly turn around and haul ass…but then i thot about and realized…wait why do I have to run off? i didn’t do anything wrong. i took myself out of an uncomfortable situation in which some girl who gave up a part of her future and accepted the easiest route out was trying to take me down with her. it’s not my problem that she didn’t understand. i don’t think i ever felt bad about the decision. at one point i thot about writing her a long letter explaining everything but that was just to clear my conscience and then i realized…there’s nothing to clear! anyways, it was just interesting news. now if i do see her at school…i’d just continue walking. i wouldn’t turn around and run. god sometimes i think i say stuff like that just to be funny…but i wouldn’t actually do it. i might not like confrontation but if i’m forced to confront someone or something, i’ll beat ass.

ok so moving on to the good stuff…

this is lastly but bestest…i got promoted at work! lolz. my boss said that her boss signed off on the paperwork the other day…or maybe it was today…and she sent it off to hr. i’m gonna be a GS3. they didn’t know that they were allowed to promote me to a GS3 after i graduated from hs…so they sorta felt bad they i coulda been making much more money in the past year and a half but…i don’t care! finally i’m getting promoted! lolz. and then she said that after the end of sophomore year…which is this year…i’ll get promoted to a GS4. omg i’m so excited! working for the government…sorta rocks.

i don’t know if i should tell keets or not. for some reason…we’re supposed to be in the same program but we don’t get paid from the same source…so my bosses are always talking about how they need to have money to bring her back out to work during breaks…but i work all year long…

ok well i just went and told her. i didn’t want her hearing from someone else that the whole time she’s worrying about whether or not we have enough money to bring her back…i got a raise. so…she took it well i guess. she understood why i told her and…even if she’s not happy at least i didn’t try to hide it. it might’ve been selfish of me, maybe i just wanted to assure myself but, w.e….how’d this turn so sour? lolz.

can you tell this is my first job? lolz.

phew…finally done with this…i have to leave to go to the main interior building in a few minutes for a meeting so…good timing on my part…now should i even bother to reread for grammar? eh…idk. maybe…

anyway i know it was long…my bad!

and sorry about the bright scary layout. i’m working on fixing it up. lolz. probably not but w.e.

chya ne!


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