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So obviously on Wed and Thurs I spent some time doing quick tutorials but apparently no one bothered looking at them. And then they asked me to do another more precise one…even though when I asked for what type of tutorial they wanted they didn’t answer…so I have to do that later. Even though…there was enough time during Monday’s practice to ask me questions and shizz. Whatever…I’ll do it later. And I think I’ll have to end it with the dance group. It’s getting to be too much for me. I might start dedicating all my time to my Au Nhi instead. I mean…it’s hard to talk over the dancers and the NS…it’s also hard to talk over the AN…And the AN don’t really know how to show appreciation…and the NS and the dancers just don’t appreciate…but at least the AN don’t talk smack about you behind your back just because they’re not satisfied…

As you can probably tell, I found out people were talking about me. One of them a dancer in the dance group…not just a “guest” dancer. One of them I didn’t expect but wasn’t surprised…One of them was just like…”Whoa who kNeW??” Of course…Who can escape talk nowadays? You do what you can but who can you satisfy? At least I found out who was loyal. Even if it was just one person. And who knows…the way she showed that she was loyal was just by not joining in on the talk…so that might just mean that she doesn’t care…not that she does care. And sometimes nonchalance is the worst of it. I mean…I try to be nonchalant about things but that’s so that I don’t go crazy. If I felt the need to defend someone, I would. Well…you know…those who gossip to you gossip about you…those who gossip about you can’t escape being gossiped about. O gossip! Thou art a heartless bitch.

Saturday was Hoi Cho Tet. Helped with face/hand painting…that was fun. Had a performance…and once again the few hours before the performance I had to spend yelling and screaming at people. Because everyone is so confident in their talents and always knows what they’re doing and even though at the last minute they’re still messing up…they always believe that they’re doing it right. But whatever…the performance went well enough. Although later I heard from Otouto that A. Phat had a talk with them about how it was good but could’ve been better. Haha! Well…there you go…

Sunday didn’t do much. Monday had an all day practice with them. Was tiring but went relatively well. Mother watched for a little bit while she was waiting for me to go with her to the auto shop’s. And she said that the groups in the back are pretty behind. But it’ll be OK if the groups in the front cover them. And that Otouto’s pair is doing the best. I have to work hard with Matthew this Saturday because I wanna look good too! Might be the last performance that I’m in charge of. These guys just tire me out. On cards and emails and stuff they say they know that I have school and work and shazz and they appreciate me doing stuff for them but when it actually comes down to it, they don’t try to make it any easier. They just put up an attitude and let me deal with it. Two faced they are. They don’t want to put forth any effort. When the dance is too easy, they complain that it’s too easy. It’s not fun. It’s not cool. Then when we make it a little more complicated, choose a better song, put in some breakdancing, then it’s too hard. It’s too fast, they can’t follow, they can’t do it, they don’t wanna try. What the hell? Can you decide please? I blew some fuses because some of the guys were acting like girls. And some of the girls were acting like brats. Whatever. I’m not going to think about it. I’ll put up the tutorial. Dress rehearsal is this Saturday. Final Practice and Performance is this Sunday. I’ll try to get it together and then. I think that’s it.

But…I don’t know. I tell my friends all the time that I’ll quit. And my friends wonder all the time why I haven’t. It’s simple really. I have no where else to go. I LOVE to dance. It’s not an obsession but boy is it fun. And I’m not professional…I was never professionally trained…so I can’t get into…or even find…a dance group anywhere around here that I could join. Just like no matter where I look I can’t find a community orchestra to join. Otherwise, I’d screw this shizz. That and when Mother said that she was going to nau noi che for the dancers I said I was tired and stuff and that teaching them is hard…and she told me that it’s all just sacrifice. Like A. Phat. None of them appreciate him but he’s always doin it. So I guess that’s true too. Having the dance group means having “activities,” having “volunteer services,” having “religious involvement”…and boy do people, especially those who give out grants and scholarships, pay attention to those things.

But whatever…school is more important to me. This is just an activity. I’ll keep it to the weekends. And hopefully one day I’ll be able to start a real dance group…and patron it…maybe perform in it every now and then even. I just really like to dance. But that doesn’t mean I should put up with the stress.

Ok so I’m ranting and I need to get back to school.

Quickly in other news…Otouto and I started playing Dynasty Warriors again a few days ago. That shazz is fun man! I’m taking a course in HNRS 353…Technology or something…and it’s on video games. That’ll be my excuse if Mother ever asks. Lolz. But yea it’s fun.

School started today. I had HNRS 230, ANTH 114, and HNRS 228. They were OK. None that i absolutely dreaded. The teacher in HNRS 230 was sorta funny. I don’t remember knowing that this section was about China…but glad that it is because I have an Asia concentration and an Asia minor. And…lolz…Etienne is in this class. I didn’t notice him at first…he was sitting in the front and I in the back. But at one point he raised his hand and as soon as I heard his voice I knew it was him. I swear my heart jumped and I smiled. Haha! He’s so…Idk. I don’t know if he saw me though. Lolz. The teacher asked why he had a french name. He said because his parents thought they were gonna move to France so they gave him a french name. And here I thought he was actually French, but no matter. O boy…speaking of French…I have French class tomorrow…ahh this might suck!

ANTH 114…the teacher is funny. Was a really, really, reALLy huge class.

HNRS 228…eh. Whatever. Lolz. It wasn’t bad but I was so tired by that time and…o wellz. Seems like there’ll be a lot more work in this one than HNRS 227 but whatever.

I promised to myself that I would try harder this semester. I must make Dean’s List again. Must pull up my GPA. Must make A’s!!! That’s why this has to end. Lolz. No pictures. Sorry!

Chya ne!

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