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Totally awesome picture I found on PhotoBucket. Look very…very…very closely at it.

I think the artist’s name is Bea Douglas or something. Find more here. Her album is private or something but you can see more of the same types of pics in that folder.

Ok so I’ll make this post as short as I can…I just wanted to get this over with. Lolz.

Dai Nhac Hoi was last weekend. Sunday. We met up at 10AM at Kena Shrine and practiced. I tried to remain as relaxed as possible and I think I did a relatively good job. The whole day I only yelled once or twice but that was to get the dancers’ attention over all the other stuff that was happening.


This was in the morning. I think that’s everyone. O wait no…we’re missing like 3 people. lolz.

The night was OK. I’m just glad we got to perform and that it went well. Lolz. We took pictures with the singers there. I saw Hong. God IDK why I even care anymore! Why?? Why is it? I don’t understand it to be perfectly honest. I mean…I don’t know. At one point some lady asked us to go around the tables and sell flowers for her. I took the side where our groups were sitting and I sold like 4 flowers. Lolz! And then Sally and I wandered over to the other side and I almost walked past his table. But I saw him and told Sally that we should come back later…1 because no one was buying our flowers : (….and 2 because I didn’t wanna walk by his table. I contemplated coming back later but…didn’t so whatever. I think he has more brothers than I thought he did…and they look really alike. Lolz!!! LOLZ LOLZ LOLZ! OK I’m sorry…I’m really hungry.


These are all the girls except 1. Awhile before the performance.


By the time the whole thing started I was so hungry I coulda eaten these!


Matthew and I! Yay for Green partners!


A photo I took off of Sally’s Facebook. I look photoshopped as hell. IDK what she did before she uploaded this. Lolz.

School has been alright. I’m behind already. I’m using this weekend to catch up and then Imma try to stay on track. Dear God help me.

Last night Otouto and Stephanie and I went to Tyson Mall. We ate a bit, walked around a lot, and was going to catch a movie but decided to just continue walking around. : )

On the way home Steph asked me who my first boyfriend was. And I was like…Eric…or…Derrick? They were twins and I don’t remember which one’s which…and she goes…When was that? And I go…5th grade…does that count? And she goes…NO! I meant since you started college! And I was like…O…then no one. And she goes…Why NOT? And I go…Er…have you lOOked at me lately? Ever? And so she spends the next minute staring at me and I’m like…wth. Lolz!

Anyway…then she says that she doesn’t get it. She thinks I can get a boyfriend. And I’m like…you’re my godsister…you have to think that.

Idk if I want a boyfriend. I’m not interested in boys. I’m interested in men. No joke! Smart men. Kind men. Men who’ll let me run around with whomever I want. Men who get that you can’t exactly control your feelings. Men who’ll put up with me. Notice I’m not saying “A man who’ll put up with me.” I’m saying “men.” Yes. Anyway. I hardly care anymore. I mean…before I used to wonder…and every now and then I still wonder. WTH’s wrong with me? Lolz! But then I’m like…why the hell should I care? I’m sure somewhere out there someone’s meant for me. Or…many someones.

Ok…um…my point was…I don’t remember.

O yea…I told Otouto that I saw Hong at Dai Nhac Hoi. And he said that he didn’t see him but that he did see someone else…someone I think is uber annoying. And he said that “that” side…the side with Hong and the annoying girl…was the “rich side.” And I asked him…rich? Really? And he was like…well…someone gave $30,000 to the church from that side (we think it was that side). And I was like…yea that $30,000 is from sellling a nail salon. And so I got to thinking…at our church…”rich” is a lot of people. Eden store owners…Nail salon owners…Rich, frugal parents with annoying, spoiled, rich kids. And I think…do I want that? Do I really want to get involved in that? I mean…I go to church and it’s fine. I get involved in the activities and that’s fine. But then when you get down to it it’s like…so that’s what the rich people are? Because, not to be offensive…but when I think “rich,” I think…business men…CEOs…company presidents…diplomats…surgeons…hospital directors…ambassadors…that’s what “rich” to me is. But I guess my definition of “rich” differs from everyone else’s. I know I know…rich=money. That’s the easiest way to figure it out. But I mean…everyone at our church is Vietnamese…and when you look down at the crowd…can you tell the difference between the Eden Shop owner and the CEO? I couldn’t. Do I want to? I don’t know. As a disclaimer I have nothing against Eden shop owners or nail salon people. I’m just saying…they are rich…but not by my definition of it.

Also…yesterday when we were at the mall I found this store…”Parfums de France.” Reminded me of…this one time we were at Macy’s and Papa wanted to find the perfume that he told me he’d bought for Mother. But it was years ago. So he asked the sales lady and she didn’t know. So I’m at this perfume store at the mall and the guy there says he has stuff from the 1970s…and that 20 something years ago is not too old. So I went home to ask Mother if she remembered and all she could say was “your father was so poor all he did was take me to the movies when we were dating.” And so of course in the course of their years together she says he didn’t buy her any perfume…aside from the stuff he bought her in America. But that’s not the one I meant. It upsets me that…she doesn’t remember…and her attitude about it…well what the hell is a poor person supposed to do? Rob to get you riches bitch? It also upsets me that I can’t even ask him. And it upsets me most that when we were spending all that time together while he was talking to the saleswoman…I wasn’t paying attention to him. Crystal tried to comfort me tho. She said that…finding the perfume wouldn’t satisfy anyone but myself. Papa’s dead so he doesn’t care. Mother doesn’t give a shit about anything I do…meaningful or not. And so I’ll be the only one satisfied because I found something Papa was looking for. Then what? Would I give it to Mother? Probably but she wouldn’t care. Or probably not and then what would be the point of me finding it? I probably wouldn’t like it so I wouldn’t use it. She said that it was just another attempt of mine to connect with Father after the fact, and it wouldn’t help anything. So for the next few days I’ll be sorta moody and obssess over it…then hopefully I’ll get over it. I guess.


Some random pictures. : )



Me without any make-up!!

I took Otouto, Donald (who slept over the night before) and Jonathan (who came over in the morning) and Hieu (who I picked up) to Kena Shrine on the day of DNH. Took them to Eden first for Bubble Tea. Saw my old Wushu school there doing the New Year’s thing and didn’t wanna face it so ran back into my car and sent the boys.

Apparently some of boys from Wushu called Otouto “traitor.” They were probably just joking around…they better have been. But I mean…he took a break from Wushu. We’ll come back one day. It’s not like he left and went to another school. And honestly…Otouto’s twice the size of those kids. And even I can kick some of their asses. But w.e….the other guys who were with Otouto helped him fend it off. Lolz! Otouto has good friends. I never had any good friends when I was his age. I had like…1 best friend when I was in elementary school. Then a dry spell. Then by Junior year I got another close friend…but by that time I just distrusted “friends” in general. And then Senior year I got another one. So…now I have two. And Otouto. And…o there’s Stephanie…And…ok anyway…At least Otouto managed better than me.

Some Oneechan-Otouto pictures. This is after DNH. I’m wearing tired make-up.


: ) Ch

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