this weekend i got no work done. at all. whatsoever. depressed! yay for me!   Leave a comment

otouto tagged me on facebook and so i wrote this thing out…


“Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.”

1. I love to eat…everything. Especially…ice cream…cake…ice cream cake…seafood…chocolate…oranges…bananas…pineapples…watermelonn!! I actually like to eat vegetables…if there is a sufficient amount of meat that goes with it.

2. When I was younger I used to have imaginary siblings. An imaginary older brother and 4 imaginary older cousins. I’ve always wanted an older brother. These imaginary relatives were always “there” for me…but then I started to grow up a bit and they appeared less and less. It’s sort of sad.

3. I love what people usually consider “bad” weather. Love the rain…LOVE snow! Hail…sleet…it’s pretty awesome…

4. I laugh and smile a lot. Especially when I’m nervous. That being said, I used to care a lot about other people’s emotions. I got pushed around a lot in middle school because of that. I would always apologize for stuff when it wasn’t my fault. I hated that. Then I got to high school and there was less drama because I just didn’t give a shit when there was. Then people thought I was so nice I never got involved in drama, but fact was I just did not care. And I didn’t have the time. After my father got cancer the first time, I realized that I was there to comfort myself. And no one cared about how I was feeling so why should I care about them? I still care about my mother’s and brother’s emotions a little too much currently even though my mother’s the one who over-abuses my emotions but I don’t care. With anyone other than my mother or brother, I don’t care very much how you feel. Get used to it. Over half the world’s population doesn’t give a crap either.

5. I love watching horror movies but I know that if I were ever in any of those same situations…I’d prolly pee my pants.

6. I love my MacBook…and my camera…and my cell phone (no matter how many times I throw it against the wall).

7. I lOVEEEEE jewelry.

8. I like to dance and sing, although I’m not very good at either.

9. I play violin, keyboard, and guitar…in order of good to ok to at least I know the fingerings! Why so many instruments? Because music is my life.

10. If you get me a Cricut Expressions machine…I’ll love you for life. You’ll like that ; ).

11. I used to do Wushu but am taking a short break. I swear I’ll go back one day. I wish I were better at it.

12. My brother and I actually get along. I know I used to beat on him when he was younger and sometimes still do…but he’s the only one now who can take my temper. If you think you’ve seen me mad…unless you’re Cuong, you haven’t seen anything yet. I think Cuong’s a g. That said…I can’t stand my mother. It’ll probably get better after I move out but…for now I can’t stand her. We have too different personalities. Also, I can’t stand it when my family gets pushed around. I don’t care so much when it’s my mother (because she just walks herself into those situations) although it still pisses me off. But I get uber pissed if my brother gets pushed around. Don’t mess with him, I’ll kick your ass. Obviously I care a lot about my family. IDK why, my mother bullies me more than anyone at school ever did but, for the sake of my father’s happiness in heaven, I let her do as she wishes.

13. Some kids from school that I didn’t know all too well and never thought even knew me voted me as one of the people who are so nice you can’t bear to be mean to them. I KNOW! Weird right???

14. I love The Simpsons…Family Guy…American Dad…Friends…Sex and the City…Law and Order…CRIMINAL MINDS! Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer, ANTM, True Beauty (although the judges are lame),…Stuff and stuff…

15. I have a blog…in which I rant and post embarrassing pictures.

16. I’m a very independent person. I very much dislike spoiled children or those who depend on other people. I swear to myself that my boyfriend will never have to come over just to fix something for me because by the time he’s heard that I had a flat tire I will have already fixed it as well as taken my car to the store for ice cream to celebrate myself. Because I’m so independent, I tend to look down upon those who depend on other people. At a certain age I think you should be able to fend for yourself (except for in certain situations) and if you can’t, that’s too bad, go die. It sounds harsh, I know! But that’s who I am, and that’s why I tend to hang around other independent people so that I don’t get tempted to slap someone. I always run into a problem here though because my buddies who are independent people currently live far away…and so I’m surrounded by spoiled brats everywhere and am always tempted to smack someone. OOO the irony…that’s irony right?

17. I speak English, Vietnamese, and French. In order of fluent to close to fluent to enough so that I can write short blogs in it.

18. I have a lot of acquaintances…a few friends…and very few buddies. If you were my buddy you’d know the difference between the three…if you were my friend you would probably think you’re my buddy but you have no idea…and if you’re my acquaintance I’m probably very nice to you.

19. Winnie the Pooh Bear can be considered my soul mate but I’m gonna marry Orlando Bloom and Daniel Henney…yes…BOTH! I’d marry Pooh Bear but…that seems to be a little unbelievable…

20. I didn’t go through a normal childhood and so missed lotsa normal “kid” things. One of them being the “dream wedding” phase. Therefore every now and then I browse through wedding dress sites and daydream. Don’t worry…it means nothing.

21. My life goal is to finish college, go on to grad school, get a doctorate…in anything…get a good job…buy a house…a nice car…and just LIVE. I wanna travel the world. My dream career is to become a diplomat, maybe even an ambassador! WHOA!!!

22. I love babies, they’re cute! But I don’t like children. They’re annoying. I can get along with them but…If I had any of my own I’d probably pass them along to their father once they reach 5.

23. I have a twisted view on relationships that I’m very proud of but normal people dislike. If you LIKE going to church, you probably will not agree with me so don’t even ask. 24. I pretty much care about nothing. I went through a very emotional phase…then a very nonchalant phase…then a semi-emotional phase…and now I’m going back to my “I just don’t give a damn” phase…it works best!

25. My dad was, is, and always will be my hero. I miss him!

Man that took forever…back to homework! ————–

and i still haven’t gotten any hw done. ah wellz.


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