So today I went to Starbucks after classes and when I got home I told Otouto about how the guy working at Starbucks was really cute.   Leave a comment

And so he says some stuff and then he finally says: “OMG look at him grind that ice…i’d like him to grind my ice.” And that just completely made my freakin day. Lolz. Otouto is funny.

Today was really nice outside. said that it was gonna get up to the 60s and it did, so I wore a short sleeved shirt to class. It was all fine. Except that the wind was horrid and I was freezing!

But still, weather was nice so after I got home I set up some chairs on the balcony and attempted to do my paper there. I never used the balcony to its full extent. I always thought about cleaning it up and sorta…setting up a mini desk area so I can do hw and stuff outside during spring and summer. Never got around to it. I absolutely love outside, I love weather. I hate nature. Especially the creepy crawlies part of nature. Freaks me out! Knock on wood. : )

So it was nice outside. I wore a long sleeved shirt to battle the wind…but I was wearing shorts so my legs were freezing. Although I could take the wind, I couldn’t take that I only got one bar and so couldn’t load the clip I needed for my homework and shizz. So I went inside. It was nice while it lasted though.

heehee…my shirt from work. it’s not a uniform or anything. i’ve never actually worn it TO work…

So homework wise I had to write a mini inquiry paper for my HNRS 353 class. I got soooo distracted! See one of the reasons I wanted to do hw outside is because then nothing’ll distract me. People don’t distract me. Things do. So…obviously, after I went back into my room, I got bored and distracted a lot and this is what came of it…


i like that my legs are shiny. freshly shaven…but you didn’t have to know that.

I would so get a Pooh Bear tattoo right there if it wasn’t guaranteed to hurt. O wellz…one day maybe.

So…there’s this song…Vi Anh Yeu Em…I heard it years ago and finally found it on my computer again awhile ago and started listening to it again. It’s a Viet Rap song and for some reason, I’m freaking addicted to that song. I don’t know what the hell it is. No matter what mood I’m in, I can always listen to that song. Usually I’ll like songs for a bit and then just get freakin tired of it…but this song. It’s like I can never get tired of it. It’s this song and Without You by 1TYM. I never tire of that song either. No matter what I can always listen to those two songs.

Anyways, I decided today to look up the singer. At one point in the beginning he says “It’s Eddy Viet…” But I thought he said “It’s Every Viet”…so I looked that up but thank goodness he’s popular enough so that the right name popped up when I searched. Anyway I went through some other songs of his that I found and…they’re pretty cool. The lyrics are really nice and meaningful…

Ok I was going to post them but…that would take too long. I think the reason I’m so addicted to this song is because…it draws on my innate desire to be hurt by love. To by hurt by…anyone! Anyone other than someone in my family. I’m so tired of getting pushed around by my mother, I care a lot but…it hardly “hurts” anymore. And my views on relationships and boyfriends are so…open…that I don’t feel as if I can ever put myself in the situation where I’d get hurt. I mean…basically…When and if I have a boyfriend…he can cheat, he can lie, he can do whatever the heck he wants. The only thing I require is that if he does all those things, I still have to be the main love in his life. So the only way for me to be hurt is if I was the whore and someone else was the main girlfriend. There’s such a slim chance of that happening though right?

I know! It sounds weird…and I’ll probably elaborate on it more in a later post. But what I’m getting at is…I have yet to be heartbroken. I’ve been told that I’ve broken a few but…they’re just bitter. : )

It sounds insane but…it makes sense to me. It also probably draws on my desire to date a bad boy…a bad boy with a good heart….hahahaha. And as old as I am…I still think about that. Yes…there is a certain “bad” boy I have in mind…but I think I’ve found that guy’s FB page (stalker!) and…I think he might turn out to be a nerd…Which is fine! But it changes the image. Which…doesn’t really matter because like anything’ll happen. Duh!

Hahahaha…Ok…anyway…check out the song “Vi Anh Yeu Em” by Eddy Viet. I never used to be that into Viet Rap but…I like Phong Le…and Eddy Viet. Phong Le’s just funny…Eddy Viet’s lyric’s are really deep so. Yea.

a random picture i found on PhotoBucket. i like that site.

I want a Nintendo DS. There are some games on there that I’d like to play. I think…if I had one…I’d probably stay off I’ve been spending wayy too much time on that site. I think it’s ‘cuz I’ve been watching horror movies again (found a great site for it) and when I watch horror movies (it didn’t used to be like this)…I need to feel a connection with something real. Whether it be the TV…Otouto…random people on AIM…or more currently…people playing games on But anyway…I saw some short Japanese ghost story movies yesterday and OMG…the first half was OK…but the second half…goddam! I almost scream ten thousand times! It was SCARY! I haven’t been scared by a horror movie in awhile and these things…good God they just scared me. I should stop. Lolz. And that’s why I need a DS….

Wait that’s not a very good excuse. Well w.e. I just want one. There you go. And just for future reference for myself…I want these games to go along with the DS…:

– Pokemon – Brain Age – New Super Mario Bros. – Mario Kart DS – Mystery Case Files – Personal Trainer: Cooking – Mario Party DS – Nintendogs: Lab and Friends – MySims Kingdom – Animal Crossing – My Japanese Coach – Littlest Pet Shop – My Chinese Coach – Age of Empires: Mythologies – SimCity Creator – My Baby Boy – Dragon Ball: Origins – Hello Kitty Daily – My DoItAll – My Secret World

So basically I just went to the Best Buy website and scrolled through all the games on there and wrote down whatever looked interesting. Lolz. This’ll help with my car rides on business trips or waiting in the airport on business trips and stuff….Yay! Ok so…I want that…but I also want a CriCut Expressions machine. Eh, maybe I’ll get the DS first since it’s cheaper…and then wait awhile before getting the CriCut and pray that by then the price has gone down and I have more money. : )

Ok so…I think that’s it. I’m uber tired now.


also found this on PhotoBucket. thought it was cute.

Thao just commented me on FB and said that the professor was wondering if I was even in the class. I’ve only skipped twice! Good grief. I’ll know not to mess with her again. Gracious. I just hope she doesn’t ask me tomorrow. I’m not good with that. At least not in front of the class. Well, I could care less because I don’t know anyone in the class aside from three people and I don’t think they’d care…but still. Ah well, I emailed her a lame excuse…but at least the French was good! I think! W.e. But now for some reason I can’t sleep. Lolz. Aish Ah well. Please just don’t ask me about it in front of the class. I have a hard time thinking as is. I don’t need the pressure!

Ok Anyways….

Chya ne!!!

P.S. I’m listening to “Vi Anh Yeu Em” again and…I think it’s the lyrics. Because just having it on isn’t helping, it’s not paying attention to anything else and just listening to the lyrics that does it. Soothes me….


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