I got a Nintendo DS!!!   Leave a comment

Omg! And a game!!!! Pictures later. LOLZ! I just had to post that I’d gotten it, I was going to burst with happiness. Yes, I got it on my own, paid for it with my own money, and omg it was awesome! I’ve been paying for my own stuff for years but…it still feels great everytime to be able to buy something and know that it’s yours. And not have to be nice to someone because they got it for you.

Speaking of that, that’s why I don’t like receiving presents unless they’re from…Red…Dola…or Otouto…because i know that if they gave me a present, it’s because they want to, not because they expect me to be nice to them. They can give me a present and two minutes we’ll be discussing something and I’ll go…”bitch” and they’ll be like…”omg WHORE!” and it’ll be all ok. Giving and receiving presents to and from other ppl are just…awkward…

Ok anyway…pictures LATER!!!

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! hahahahaha.

——————————– Update!

Ok so…here are the pictures of my DS!!! AHHHHH!!!! : )


being the idiot that i am…i couldn’t open the box and so otouto had to do it for me.

Photobucket Photobucket

THE DS!!! AHHHHH!!!! haha….i originally wanted the onyx (black) but the best buy that we went to didn’t have it. so i got red.


again…i couldn’t open it…


the DS being handled by my fat manhands. : )


= love.

Hahaha…Ok so obviously I’m super happy about that.

In other news…last night when Otouto and I were on our way home from Best Buy, I got a call from C. Phuong and found out from her that this Saturday’s Chuyen Mon lecture is my gig. She did it last week so when C. KP sent out the schedule and it had both our names on it, the both of us just assumed that C. Phuong was in charge and I was helping. But no…it was the other way around. I mean…yea when we had our AN meeting I did sign up to teach Chuyen Mon but…I thought they were gonna train me first! I guess not. O well…C. Phuong helped me a lot in figuring out what to teach. The hard part was coming up with a lesson plan. That shizz was complicated! But I just followed C. Phuong’s example and, she said it looked good so. Here’s hoping all goes well! As rewards for my game after the lecture tomorrow I’m gonna give the winning team a box of Thin Mints. Lolz. The best reward right??

So remember some months ago when I said Red had “commissioned” some cards from me? Well here’s the one I sent to him to give to Sara for Valentine’s Day. He said he liked it but was wondering why I used green. I thought the green contrasted with the purple best. If I had a dark red or pink, I would’ve used that but didn’t. Anyways he said he liked it but I think he’s lying. : ) I hope Sara likes it enough though, if just a little.


you can’t tell in the picture but the base color is green.
Speaking of Sara…her mom asked me to petsit for them in April. I actually wanna do it. They live close enough so that it’s not hard for me to go back and forth. And it’s some extra money which is always good. I’d prolly go to their place before school to feed the pets and walk the dog…then come back in the afternoon and just stay until night. I’ve never walked a dog at night alone before. I’ve never petsat before either. I hope I do well man!

At work today Rachel asked me to go through my database and collect some photos for her to use for a news…magazine…article…thing? Release? Something. So I did…and then she asked me to start writing captions for them. It wasn’t…hard…but it was time consuming. Each one took like half an hour. I had to do some research to write the captions so it required going back and forth between multiple files and sites. Having double screens is uber cool but sometimes when I’m working really hard I tend to stare intently at the screen and having two screens means double the open windows and I get easily confused as is…

So I took a break at some point and looked up quotes to use as signatures for my emails and happened on this quote…which sorta applied to the work I was doing but not really…I guess it just applies to…well…life.


found the quote on preciouscreationz but made the banner myself using Photoshop!

That’s about the only thing I know how to do on Photoshop. That and resizing and changing the pixels of images. I don’t know how to do anything else and I think it’s amazing when I see pictures of people that were photoshopped. I didn’t even know you could do half that stuff! I mean…I don’t care much that photos have been photoshopped…it’s basically like putting on make-up but after the fact…I just find the photoshopping procedures extremely interesting. Like…photoshopping in eyelashes and stuff…how do you DO that??? It’s intense…I think it’s cool. I would never have the patience so I actually have a slight…not respect persay but I’m lacking the right word…for people who do that. I don’t think there’s anything wrong at all with photoshopping your pictures. I mean…if you can put on make-up to pretend you look a certain way, you can definitely photoshop to pretend you look a certain way. I just think the process of photoshopping is cool.

Have to go do taxes with Mother tomorrow. It’s a Saturday so there’ll be a lot of people. Dear God…I hope I have all the necessary paperwork with me tomorrow so that we can get in and out. I don’t mind waiting a bit to get into the place and start, I just don’t want them go to “O you need this and this more” and then I’d have to go home and get it and come back later and Mother’d be all pissed and crap. I’m gonna take notes this time. Lolz. So that I know for sure what to bring from now on. Aishhhh I just want to get it all over with.

That’s all the…stuff…well…for now. Lolz. I often have these dry spells and then post like mad. Ah wellz.

Chya ne for now!!


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