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So much so that after looking at all the pictures…I can’t remember what I wanted to say…

Well…to start off…school’s been sucking. Period.

Work has been fine. As always. Knock on wood!!

Tomorrow there’s dance practice of which Thuy and Hanna are in charge. During the DNH practice I told them that I wasn’t taking charge of the practices for this song because they’re in charge of it, choreography, teaching, talking with A. Phat, everything. And Thuy gave Hanna that sly look. It’s hard to explain…or even remember now…but w.e. And I wonder if I should start a new traditional dance routine…Idk…

I’ve decided to dedicate my Saturdays all to TN. As in…for the remainder of the week don’t expect me to do any TN stuff. I’ll do dance practice in the mornings…TN…Choir…Mass…and after mass will be dedicated to the AN attendance stuff and choreo…if necessary. If I have a thing on Saturday then I’ll do it the Friday night before but…otherwise…I don’t think taking time out during the week to do it is helping with my other activities. So there.

Anyway…after mass tomorrow Otouto and I are going to the movies with the rest of the NS. I hope we don’t see that cheerleading movie. But why o why do I have a feeling we will…? I told Tina we have to take lotsa pics so…I’ll try to look not so terrible and maybe next post there’ll be a prettier person. Lolz!

Hermmmmm….what else what else….? Well…I’ve been playing MySims Kingdom on my DS. Lolz! I finished the storyline which was freaking awesome! First time I’ve ever beat a storyline. Hahaha…and now I’m working at fulfilling each character. I’ve done three. I had my first glitch. Darn game blacked out on me when I didn’t save. So now I save every 5 minutes. Lolz. Otouto told me to.

Valentine’s Day was lame. Lolz. I hate Valentine’s Day. Not with a passion but…I don’t like it. It’s a cheap excuse to trap your man, woo your girlfriend, and be lame overall. I mean…I have nothing against people who celebrate Valentine’s Day but…if you loved your lover that much Valentine’s Day should be just aNotHer day to show it. And to those of you single, lonely people, my heart went out to you. And to those single, happy people, I hope you rocked it!

This is about just as much “love” I got on Valentine’s Day.


a buncha hearts i cut for the au nhi. i wrote “happy valentine’s day” on it and huong taped candy to each heart and all the ht signed them. it was cute.


a game that c. ngan made the au nhi play. they each had a letter with a description of a ht. then they hadta guess who it was, find the person, get candy, and show a sign of valentine’s…which is a sign of love i guess? this is my group spelling out ‘i [heart] u.’ hahaha….c.hai told them to do it. it was still cute. and then later richard gave me a candy from the bag the team got from me. hahaha.


the ht played a secret valentine game. this was my valentine.

I know…it’s backwards…Lolz. Took it with my webcam.

It says….

“Nice, as in not too mean.

High energy, or just high.

Unbelievably easy to smile, laugh…(arrow pointing to) or just high.

Young, youthful (something I am not).

Unbelievably is a word. No need to check the dictionary. Please don’t!!!”

Ok so…I have no idea who sent it. Lolz. I guessed A. Huy because…1) His kids use those stamps. 2) Handwriting…has to be a guy 3) He says he’s not youthful which means it has to be one of the older HT…and 4) I have a tendency to fix A. Huy’s grammar…it’s ‘cuz I care!!!

But I asked him and he said no. But then again…A. Binh asked C. KP if she were his secret valentine and she said no…even though she was. Huong and Thanh shoulda made a rule that said if it is you you have to admit it. Lolz. But Huong said that if I haven’t guessed by Friday she’d tell me so…Imma text her and remind her. Lolz.


The other day we went to visit my newborn baby cousin. Don’t know her name yet…Mother said they don’t tell you the baby’s name until the day thang. ? Idk. It’s a buddhist thing…she said…but…she’s not buddhist so…Lolz.


isn’t she cute???

Some random pics of my other cousin…the baby’s brother. Some are from the day we came over to get some crayfish…some are from when we came over to have some steak. Man it was some yummy steak. Chu Hoa kept telling us to eat more and Otouto and I really wanted to but…we were so full. And Chu Hoa and Co Nam might’ve wanted us to eat more but…there were other people from their family there that…weren’t as…inviting? Idk…whatever. And for that reason I didn’t take pics of the steak but…here are cute baby pictures.

They’re all of Albert. : )

with co nam. not his mother. just his aunt.

something’s stuck…? : )
just kidding!! : p



The last two were from my camera phone…hence the bad quality. But still adorable! Lolz.

Yea the night we came over for steak was Valentine’s Day. Apparently it was the guys doing all the cooking. Poor Chu Hoa had to do it for my family. Lolz. ‘Cuz no Pops (tear) so Mother didn’t have a guy. Not…a live one at least…and Otouto was a guy but couldn’t cook so didn’t matter…and I didn’t bring a guy. Technically I wasn’t supposed to do the dishes either but…I told Chu Hoa that since I didn’t bring a guy this year, I’ll at least do the dishes. He just laughed.

And another thing…Ba Bay made us clear the table. I mean…we know that Mother talks constantly of how when we go over there to eat, the other family members can eat and go…because they’re rich, at holidays they just give money and there you go. But Mother has to eat and clean. Otouto and I usually just clear our plates and whatever else we brought out but, this time Ba Bay made us clear the table. Like…all the drinks, most of the plates, stuff that other family members brought out and then left. But at one point Chu Hoa locked us out of the kitchen so we couldn’t anyway.

But I swear…when I have my own dinner parties one day…I’ll have someone (paid) to clean up. Not make my poor relatives clean up after my rich relatives’ messes.

ANYWAY! Was just a random rant.

Ok so…the other night was Otouto’s school orchestra’s fundraiser at Silver Diner. His volunteer shift was 7-8pm so we came early to eat dinner. I saw Mr. Revere. I don’t know if he saw me but I didn’t say “hi.” I wish I had. Next time I will. He might’ve seen me. But I still hadn’t gotten over my traumatic experience with saying “hi” to Mr. Laurie so…Lolz! But I liked Revere…I liked Laurie too…but…Now that I think about it Revere would probably’ve reacted nicer. Ah well…next time I swear!



a part of our entrees…

Was alright. I don’t know how the salad was but the soup was a bit too salty. I didn’t eat much of it.


crabcake basket appetizer.

It was soooo good! It’s basically three mini crabcakes between bread and a tomato. Was really, really good.



dessert. brownie…vanilla ice cream…chocolate ice cream…whipped cream…cherries…caramel…

Yea…the waiter brought our dessert before our entrees which was…weird…We ordered it when we ordered the entrees but I thought that was just so he could take the menu away…O well…it was still good. The brownie was still warm inside…Ice cream was still cold…we gobbled it down. : )





me and otouto eating the dessert. : )


otouto’s entree – shrimp and steak…? idk the actual name.

I had this the last time I was at the diner with Reed. I thought it was good…so did Otouto…lolz.


my entree…breaded steak…

Erm…overall it was a pretty good entree…but that was because of the mashed potatoes…corn…and broccoli. By a third into the steak I got tired of the break and ended up knifing off the bread. I realized that Reed had got this last time we were there and so…oopz. Lolz…It wans’t terrible but. Also, I’d asked for rare and it seemed pretty well done.


brownie and ice cream dessert from a restaurant in Easton, MD.

This was a brownie I had our last day at Easton (business). I shared it with Rachel. This was really good too. The dessert from the diner reminded me of this. Lolz.


caramel latte from murky cafe.

After dinner I went across the street to Murky’s for coffee while Otouto did his shift. Was yummy. The coffee was great, atmosphere was awesome…wish Reed’d been there.

Herm…I can’t really think of anything else…Work…School…Church…Er…Yea…I’m a slacker…in all of those. Lolz. But I can’t think of anything big.

I guess that’s all. Wow this really was a picture post…anyway…

Silver Diner – Clarendon

Murky Cafe – Clarendon

Chya ne!


Wait I thought of something else. I don’t know if I mentioned this before but I downloaded GIMP…a photo-editing program. Similar to Photoshop. I love it! I learned how to add a “watermark” to my photos and it’s so simple! I haven’t looked up how to add borders but that’s OK. The pics in the post had the “watermark” on them. I want to make my watermark a little signature drawing that I’m working on although…Idk if I can do that…so I’ll have to work on it first but…for now it’s looking awesome!

And also…just a bit ago me and some coworkers and the deputy chief went down to G2 in the other building to clean up the storage room. Then a bit after another coworker and our chief came down. At one point the chief goes…hahahaha…Ok he goes…

“Dam these people. If the door’s open then think they can just stick it in.” – GeeNie’s Chief.

He was actually talking about how the door to our storage room has been open because the knob and therefore lock’s been broken and so other people from the Service just stuff their “crap…I mean valuables” (another quote…from another coworker) in there…but…Omg I laughed out loud so hard when he said that. It’s hilarious! Think about it.

I meant to make a banner with it but since I’m at work I have AdobePhotoshop and the only thing I know how to do with that is…resize…And I tried to do it the way GIMP taught me but…the buttons are in different places so…whatever. Later. Lolz.

——————-a creepier part———————————

Ok so everyone knows that my pops passed away in 2007 and most people…family…know that my mother has NOT gotten over it yet. She doesn’t bawl or mop around really…but…subtly she does. Anyway…Idk if I’ve talked about this before but once…at night…I went to bed before Mother came home and at one point I felt someone kiss me on my temple…Thought it was Mother…but then when I turned around to face that direction and…I see someone leaving the room so I go…”mom…”…no response. Then I turned back to the direction I was facing before and…boom…Mother. Leaning in for a kiss. This time I was freaked so I go “MOM??” and she goes…”yea!” And I’m like…”did you just come in here before?” And she pauses before she goes…”If not me then who…” Like she knew, or wished, for something. This was after my dad died. So 1) If the first kiss was from her…why’d she lean in for another one on the other side? My face isn’t that big. She coulda reached over if she wanted to kiss me on both temples. 2) If the first kiss was from her then why didn’t she answer me the first time I called out “mom?” I sat up and called too 3) I was freaked. I know that if it was Mother, it had to have been Father’s ghost…which should’ve been good right? Right…? Maybe I was watching too many horror movies at that point to find it good.

Then just the other day…I woke up when my alarm went off in the morning…but then went to lie down for just a few more minutes. I heard someone call my name…it seemed to be really, really loud but for some reason I didn’t feel scared, I hardly even got up. Lolz. I thought it was my mother. So a few minutes later I go out to the living room and Mother’s rummaging in the kitchen and suddenly, I hear myself asking her, I wasn’t going to ask her, if she’d been in my room. And she goes “no, I’ve been in the kitchen.” And I guess I must’ve given her a really horrified look because then she goes “it was your father. He’s so linh. I wished for him to wake you up and he did.” And I go “that’s not funny. It’s scary.” And she goes “why…I wish for your father to stay around and help us.”

And from then I furiously stomped into the bathroom…took a shower with my glasses on the whole time…and ran back into my room.

Aside from that being completely creepy…it also shows how selfish Mother is. Father is DEAD! Let him rest in peace! What can he possibly DO now that he couldn’t do before? Let him move on! He deserves to be happy in HEAVEN or whereever!

——————-a sadder part-feel free to ignore———————-

The more I do random google searches on hospices the more I think I killed my father. Co Nam said she felt the same way with Ong Bay but…it’s just a feeling. Well…when do I get over this feeling? I know I know…I did what the medicine told me to do…I did what the hospice nurse told me to do…but that’s the thing. I did it. Otouto was going to be the one who gave Father his medicine (and I half am glad that Otouto wasn’t the one because I wouldn’t want him to feel this way…even though he probably wouldn’t’ve), but no…Mother insisted that I did it. So I did…and then Father died, right then and there.

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