Ok so…I had this separate blog for food thingers.   Leave a comment

I decided to post recipes on them and actually leave available a comment section. In the course of the few months that that was on, I posted 1 post and had 1 in draft. : ) Therefore, I’ve decided to move that blog over here and just post food stuff on here.

I forgot what I wrote on the food blog but basically…I love to cook. Not very good at it. Not many chances to do it either. Once I brought up the idea of me cooking dinner from now on because Mother is too busy for it, yea I got yelled at. So now I only cook during “special” things and only spur of the moment-ly. If she knows about it beforehand, it never turns out well. Anyway…Just a little prelude. My next post will be a recipe. : )


Posted February 23, 2009 by .unpaused. in Food, Quickie

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