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The last time I went to a HT thingimajiger I told myself that I wouldn’t go to any more unless it’s a training and therefore I had to go. That’s why I skipped out on going to the Dai Hoi HT in January. If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know why that is. But anyway! I had also decided not to go to the Tinh Tam (this weekend). But A. Phong gave me the puppy dog look as well as told me to not worry about the fee and then kept asking me about it for the rest of the night (we went to the movies with the NS) and so I guess…I decided to go. But then I went home…looked over all my class schedules and…omg there’s a lot of work to do. So then I had to set everything up in my assignment notebook and I’m actually pretty on schedule. I haven’t done all my work but…it’s getting there. And if I continue to go as planned, I’ll be able to go to the Tinh Tam no worries. I guess…the Tinh Tam is different than the training and the Dai Hoi. The training is…well…it’s training. Doi…The Dai Hoi is, from what I’ve heard, a huge party-get-together kinda thing…The Tinh Tam is supposed to be more of a spiritual journey. I actually just wanna go to relax. We won’t be going sightseeing or anything but I just sorta wanna have a nice, quite weekend away from this place. I just need a break. Lolz. I hope it goes well. And I hope it’s “fun.” Thien An is bringing food…I think…and movies…hopefully. And a lot of people are going so…IDK! We’ll see. I’m sorta anxious though. The last time I went to a HT thing, it wasn’t that great…and this time…IDK. I’m not going for the spiritualness….I’m going for the relaxation…so…hopefully it’ll work. AISHHH!!!!

So like I said before, I went with the NS to the movies. We saw Coraline. It was pretty good actually. Lolz. I sorta sat by myself. Well…I was with the NS but…Tina had Kevin on one side and Thuy had Catherine on her other side so…I was sorta just there. I noticed it at one point during the movie but…whatever. I mean…Kevin is Tina’s boyfriend…and Thuy and Catherine have always been close so, what’d I expect you know? Anyway, it was the last day for Coraline to be shown in 3-D. We were really looking forward to that but…there wasn’t that much 3-D. I thought it was just me because I was wearing the 3-D glasses over my real glasses…but then later I found out from Tina that no…there just wasn’t that much 3-D. But still, the movie was pretty good. But then again I love all Tim Burton stuff so…I’m sorta biased.

So last night I was doing my FAFSA and thought that I didn’t have Mother’s PIN. I was being so impatient…If I’d been a bit more patient and looked before I acted I would’ve seen that the PIN was stapled to my paper…Well…I did see it but I didn’t open it to look inside so I thought it was just another copy of my PIN. Soooo I did all this stupid stuff and although the guy from Customer Service told me that I didn’t need my mother to sign it for my school to get the info, and I can just submit and have it processed without the signature…I’m still nervous! But…IDK…so I’m gonna send in her signature for next day delivery and hopefully it all works out. Gdammit.

Er ok so…this week I have…

1) Ash Wednesday Mass at 7PM (playing with the orchestra) 2) A training at GBLC on Thursday 3) Cultural Cooking at GBLC and then heading out to the Tinh Tam.

OMG I bet it’s gonna be like last time…all the HT say they’re going and then they cancel last minute. AHHH!!!! NERVOUS!!!!!

Herm…I wonder what I have to pack…

O yea…speaking of GBLC…so Otouto and I were at GBLC last Friday and Lauren comes and tells us that the County has this television program in which they do short segments on people in the county. Their next topic is to promote volunteerism and Lauren wanted to know if Otouto and I would do it. And so I said YES! Duh! Well…I didn’t say Duh…Lolz.

So then the guy in charge of the program or whatever contacted us and Otouto and I are gonna go into taping the week of my spring break. It’s gonna be awesome! Lolz. Lauren thought, and the guy in charge agreed, that it’d be interesting to do a brother-sister twist. I was hoping that that meant they’d tape us together, I’d be less nervous…but I guess he wants to tape us separately…O well…I hope we do well. It’d be so cool…I’ve been published…online and soon hopefully on print (all very, very small things for work so don’t even ask, Lolz)…and now I’m gonna be on real TV! Maybe. LOLZ! Ahhhhh sorta excited.

Ok so currently I’m feeling nervous, excited, anxious….and a bit calm? Calm before the STORM MANNNN!!! Ok maybe now I’m just high…

Here…an old, old picture showing my feelings…


fudge, bearwithnoname…, winterpooh, owl…, and blizzard…so obviously this was before i got…autumn pooh…summer pooh…and pooh pooh…o and baby pooh. lolz!


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