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me and doloreeeees!!!

100th post OMGGGGG!!!!
Wow…I don’t remember having ever kept a blog for so long. Wow.

Don’t have much special for this post. I just felt the need to post something. Lolz. Dolores came over for a sleepover and it was pretty awesome. Look forward to a deeeeeeelish lasagna recipe and some delectable pictures. We also made a german chocolate cake…Omg…IT WAS HEAVEEEEEEN!!!! Ah…sweet angles sing. OK anyway. So…as an attempt to make my 100th blog somewhat awesome, here’s something that I’d posted on a previous blog of mine. Read and ponder…


Is it Irony? Fate? Or is it You?

March 14, 2008 · 1 Comment

Say one day you were walking down the street and a “being” appeared to you and told you that tomorrow you were going to die from an airplane crash. Unfortunately for you, you have a business meeting at the other side of the country and therefore had to take a plane to get there, when is your flight? The next day. So since you are extra, extra careful, and you don’t want to die, you decide to cancel your plane trip and drive to the meeting, but you had to get a start right then. So now you won’t be taking the plane, great right? Wrong, as you’re on your way to the business meeting, in your car, a piece of an airplane falls from the sky and WHAM! There goes you and your car. Now, is that Irony? Or is that just Fate?

Say you didn’t believe the “being” that appeared to you, say you just didn’t care and went on with life and took the plane the next day to get to your meeting. Your plane crashes and you die, is that Irony? Or is that Fate?

When someone is foretold to die and they do their best to avoid the situation in which they are told they will die, but end up dying anyway, people call that Irony. But isn’t that also Fate? No matter what happens you are doomed to die at a certain time, certain place (assume this is true) and no matter what you do you can’t avoid it. That’s not Fate, that’s Irony. And if the person who is doomed to die doesn’t try to avoid their death, what is that then? Just Fate?
Another thing, when your death is “foretold” and it actually does happen, is that the cause of your being fated to die? Or is it cause of your own subconscious? When on the day of your “foretold” death your death does occur, is it because it was Fate? Or is it because subconsciously you had the idea of your death occuring at a certain time on a certain day in a certain way, and because of that you somehow put yourself in that exact situation, ready to die? Not because someone saw into the future and told you, but because they told you, you in turn made it happen?
I don’t know. This is what happens when I have too much free time at work. I think one day we should have an experiment. Someone should randomly go up to a random person in the street and tell them that the next day they’re going to die from a car crash. Then wait and see what happens. The person might die, which would mean either that they were fated to die and you just foretold their death without really meaning to, or that people aren’t doomed to die at a certain time, place, but rather because they think they are they just put themselves in the death situation. Or, they don’t die, in which would prove that you are “fated” to die at a certain time and it’s not cause of your subconscious. Of course as with any experiment, it’d have to be done over and over and over, and the results might prove both theories. I think it might also be illegal. O well, maybe one day.
Who’s with me?? No one? You’re going to die, I saw it.
Omg I think I’m going crazy. I need work to do!!
The 1 comment was just Reed commenting me. Lolz! So yea…interesting that I wrote that around the same time last year as I’m reposting it now. Cool!

A few little tidbits for your reading and looking pleasure. Remember that if I got something from somewhere else…I’ll either put them in quotes or I’ll say who it’s by. Usually if they’re just in quotes, I got them off a website and didn’t feel the need to cite (because the originator is anonymous) but wanted to make sure no one thought that I was creative to make it up. And obviously I’m not going to place quote marks around pictures. If it doesn’t have my watermark on it, I didn’t take it or make it. If you wanna know where I found stuff, just ask! Here ya goo!!

Chya ne!!

” y0u g0tta let g0 when y0ure hurting t0o much
y0u hafta give up when l0ving isnt en0ugh

y0u g0tta m0ve on when things aren`t like they
were bef0re

cuz f0r sure, thereSz s0meone 0ut
there wh0 will
(( —— l0ve y0u m 0 r e —— )) “


” If distance were measured in terms of the heart 
we’d [[never]] be more than a minute apart * <3>
(I liked this quote a lot. I’m a firm believer in long distance relationships but hey…who am I to talk?)


” “Lie to me,” she whispered
”I love you,” he said ”


” Things change and people do too,
but my love goes out to a certain few

The ones who are there through the good and the bad
I’d say they’re the best friends I’ve ever had. “

(I had to retype that one. The grammar was horrid!)


” Graduation is a bittersweet mixture of opportunity 
and letting go. Seniors are justifiably sentimental. 
They know the world will never be quite the same. “
(So freaking TRUE! I think.)


” You start backstabbing me

and going against your word

thinkin’ “Oh she will never find out”
Well guess what?… I heard * “
” When shit goes down n sides are taken you find out

Who was real && who was fakin. “

.* ThE MorE FriendZ YoU HaVe *.

.* ThE MorE ProblemZ YoU SeE *.

.* CuZ EveryOnE ThatS A ParT Of uR LifE *.
.* TaLkS cRaP WheN YoU CanT SeE *.


” What goes around comes around.

That’s what people say.
so all the pain you caused me
will come back to you someday. “
(I didn’t have a horrible life experience (Ok maybe I did…but that’s beside the point!)…these quotes just rhymed better than the others. Lolz!)


(Ok time for some lighter quotes. Ha!)


” º° ToNiTe I AsK ThE StArS AbOvE °º
º° WhEn Im GoNnA WiN Ur LuV°º
º° WhAt Do I Do? °º
º° WhAt Do I SaY? °º
º° To TuRn Ur AnGeL EyEs DiS WaY °º “


” Do iT 2 day…
iT mIgHT bE iLLeGaL 2MoRRoW!! “

(If it doesn’t probably hurt to have this tattooed on me…I so would!)


” Life is all about trusting your feelings and taking chances.
losing and finding happiness; appreciating the memories
and learning from the pain and realizing that people

ALWAYS change <3*>


” Sometimes you gotta hold your head up to the sky
fake a smile.’ and pretend your fine . because all things

have a purpose whether its good or bad – hearts
get broken and friends get mad. But whatever
may happen just keep a smile the whole way thru
and never let anyone get the best of you. ”


” The harder you FALL

The higher you [[ Bounce ]] “



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