I do NOT want to go to this retreat.   Leave a comment

Yes…I know…that’s how I felt last time and it turned out fine. But this time I know all the people who are going…and the people in charge…and I don’t wanna go no moreeeee!!! Argh! O well…hopefully…god hopefully it turns out fine. I have tons of photos that need watermarking so I’ll do that soon and then I’ll do a real post.

For next time:

– St. Patty’s Day Outing

– Food (Restaurant, My recipes…and the Lasagna recipe if Dolores ever sends it to me!)

– And of course…shizz about how this retreat went…ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH….lameeeeee…..

I wish these people were more organized…I don’t wanna drive there…well I do…but I don’t wanna pay for gas and shizz. And I’d be fine with not driving there if they just figured out who was going with who when before the day of! Now I’m sitting here…less then two hours before we’re supposed to meet and get ready to go…and I’m still not ever sure who’s gonna pick me and Otouto up. WTF? I sorta don’t wanna drive because I don’t wanna strain my car…but then again it’d be easiest if I did just drive myself and Otouto. I’ll know exactly where all my shizz is…I’ll be able to arrive and leave when I wanna…dadada….


Ok whatever. Ha. Aishhhhh this is lame. Me and my stupid last minute decisions that can’t be changed.

O yea something else to talk about next time:

– Cha Bo

I think that’s it. I wasn’t gonna post or anything but…I have half an hour left of work and I gots nothin to do. So there.

Ok chyaaaa neee!

O yea P.S.

Tina’s and Hanna’s mom is uber nice. Lolz! I called Tina yesterday to ask if her dad could pick Otouto and I up and take us to church…and I guess after we hung up Tina’s mother thought that for some reason there was something wrong with my car…like it was broken or something…so she called me and basically said “You want my husband to fix it for you?” Lolz, she’s cool. But yea I told her there wasn’t anything wrong, miscommunication. But haha….their family is nice.

Ok…Yea I still have half an hour left…hence the rambling…oiiiiiiiiiii vayyyyyyyyyyy….Hermmmmm….I should use this time to learn some Japanese…but I forgot the website…o well…

Okie Chya ne!


Posted March 20, 2009 by .unpaused. in Life

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