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Why do I want to have a concentration in Environment? Is it because I’m currently working for DOI? And I like where I work and will hopefully work for them for as long as I can until a better career opportunity comes up? But even if I do have a concentration in Environment now, then what? I’m not getting a Masters or Doctorate in Environment. And the Environment classes required for the concentration have so many prereqs. If I concentrate in Environment I’ll have 22 more classes to take in 4 semesters. If I don’t concentrate in Environment, I’ll have 16 classes to take in 4 semesters. I don’t want to take just 4 classes a semester, so I’ll probably take 5/semester anyway. But if I don’t concentrate in Environment…I’ll have room to take other classes. Maybe I’ll just take a bunch of Chinese classes. For fun!

I really like where I work right now but…first off, none of my bosses even majored in anything Environmental. And even if I did have a concentration in Environment, it shows nowhere and it’ll go nowhere. And I’m not furthering it so why do it now? Whereas, I have a concentration in Asia and a minor in Asia and obviously Asia is a big deal in my future career goals so…that’s definitely something I have to follow through with. Besides, I’m not going to work for DOI forever, and the other departments (State, Homeland Security) that I’ll most likely go to if I do stay within the U.S. government…don’t really have anything to do with Environment! That much. And…I probably won’t stay within U.S. government forever anyway…well maybe in the near future but later I’d like to move on to UN or something…or work in UN through U.S. government, idk.


I’ve been stressing over my minor in French. I’ve been trying to decide whether I should drop the French minor and take Chinese or Japanese language classes instead. Since French doesn’t have that much to do with Asia anymore, or anything. But now…if I drop the Environment concentration, I can continue to take French (which I was going to do anyway)….and also take Chinese language classes. And besides….I really want to work for international government organizations….like UN…or Interpol…and their main lanuages are…English (which I know enough…) and French! And the UN also values Chinese. So that’s a win!

Ok…that’s what I’m gonna do then. Tomorrow I’ll go ask the school to revoke my Environment concentration and just keep my Asian concentration.

So now my degree is….

Global Affairs Major with a concentration in Asia. Double Minors in Asia-Pacific Studies and French.


That sounds about right.

Posted March 31, 2009 by .unpaused. in Life

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