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Original Recipe – taken from my POPS!!! PAPAAAAAA!!!!!

Yea I don’t really remember at all how my dad did it. I just basically…went out and bought some steak, took out the ingredients that “looked” right….and threw in the amount that “looked” right. And it was awesome!

What I did!!


– Garlic Powder – Salt – Sugar – Pepper – Soy Sauce – Fish Sauce – Bot Ngot (English term IDK) – Steaks – Butter


The ingredients waiting to be used.


– Take the steak and a “hammer” thingymajiger and pound on the steak. Idk why but that’s what I used to do when my dad cooked the steak so I still do it. It really helps when you cook it though. Especially if the steak is hard and not tender enough. My steaks were really…really…large. And I shoulda pounded more but, it was OK. – Mix a bit of garlic powder, bot ngot, a little bit of salt and sugar, pepper to taste, a bunch of soy sauce and a bunch of fish sauce. I knew it was right when it just started smelling right. Sorry I can’t be more precise but…If I do cook this again, I’ll make sure to take measurements and update. – Pour the sauce over the steak. Then place the steak in any remaining sauce in a bowl and cover.




– Wait a few hours. Do homework. – Turn on a pan and melt some butter in the pan. I cook my steak with butter, not oil.


Butter’s burninnnn….

– Put in your steaks and cook until happy. Otouto wanted well done but…I didn’t pound the steaks enough so it took forever to cook it to well done and so…it wasn’t that well done. I was impatient for mines and so was a little undercooked but I just went back and cooked it for a few more minutes and it was perfect.


– The marinade was deeeeeeelicious. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it because I never paid attention when my papa cooked steaks. I don’t know what came over me, I just used the ingredients that I thought should be in there and I just put in the amount that made it look and smell “right”. Thank God it worked. – The only problem I had was that it took forever to cook but that was my error and not the recipe’s.






Next time…:Fried Shrimp chyeaaaaaaaaaa btcheeeeees!

Ok gotta go to class.

Chya ne!


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