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Best Make-up website! Bought like…almost 20 things from there for like…$42? Something like that. Free shipping over $40. Of course…I suck at make up and have no real use for some of the stuff I bought but…once I do have ideas! It’ll be great! I’ll show you!

Photobucket the box

Photobucket i took these pics after i opened the package in my car right before going to school. i couldn’t wait!!!
Photobucket nyx sharpener..blotting paper…angle brush
Photobucket amuse ultra fine eye liner in black, metallic pink…mocha…and white.
Photobucket nyx eye/eyebrow pencil in baby blue and baby pink. i accidently ordered baby blue again, i already had it. o wellz.
Photobucket nyx candy glitter liner in hot green (i swiped 2cm of this on my hand right before i drove to school and it was really…really distracting…), red (because i don’t have any other red make up things), and disco queen.
Photobucket nyx glitter cream pallet in utopia. a lot of websites say these pallets are pretty but useless but, i’m confident i can use if for something…at some point. DANCERS watch out!!! these are going on your eyes next performance! lolz. jk. maybe.
Photobucket nyx ultra pearl mania (powder eyeshadow basically) in white, lime, turquoise, black, and sky pink

nyx lip smacking fun colors in thalia and femme
So far I’m lovin the colors. Haven’t really used any of it yet but…once I do I’ll update. : )

O P.S. I have used the NYX Eye/Eyebrow Pencils in Teal and Baby Blue, which I bought at Amusé at Tyson’s Mall. They’re really good. Love the colors. They motivated me to buy all the NYX stuff. NYX rocks. Some of the shadows are a bit as good as MAC but for cheaper. I mean…If the colors are there, it stays, it doesn’t irritate your eyes, then really what’s the diff between the cheap and the expensive? You’re going to wipe them off at the end of the day anyway! But really…NYX is really good quality. : )



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