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Original Recipe – I know that I’ve eaten a lot of these made by both Pops and Mother…but I wouldn’t say I got the “original recipe” anywhere.

What I did!!


– Shrimp (peeled and deveined) – Eggs – Panko Japanese Style Breadcrumbs – Salt – Pepper – Oil


– Mix a bit of salt and pepper into a bowl of beaten eggs. – Pour some Panko into a separate bowl. – Dip the shrimp one by one into the egg mixture. – Roll shrimp around and coat it in the Panko breadcrumbs.


Egged and breadcrumbed shrimp. I don’t breadcrumb the tail just for aesthetics.

– Pour oil a quarter up into the pan. – Heat oil on high. – Add in coated shrimp. – Turn stove to medium. – Cook.


Theys is cookin’! This was like…my 3rd batch and so…the oil was gettin’ nasty. If that really bothers you, just ladle it out, no biggie.

– Take a plate and put some Bounty on it (a layer or two). – Take cooked shrimp out of pan and place on Bounty covered plate. This helps absorb the oil. – Eat with preferred sauce. Enjoy!


– Yea Fried Shrimp is extra, extra easy. Not hard at all, that’s why I love making them. As for flavor, shrimp and eggs already have their own special flavor and so, even if you don’t put in enough salt and pepper to flavor the eggs, the end product should still be fine.




Next time: I don’t know yet. : )


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