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I bought this journal thing at BarnesandNobles the other day in the Bargain section. IDK why…I never do. Something about BarnesandNobles just makes me…buy! Ok so anyway, I actually started writing in it. Sorta cool. I have scribbles and everything.

I always told myself to write but, never thought I should start now. Was waiting for something to “happen” but…that’s never gonna happen so why not right? <— That wasn’t supposed to make sense really.

Mother gave me a nice “speech” the past weekend. We’ve been getting along alright, knock on wood knock on wood knock on wood. She’s alright sometimes. I don’t wanna get into too much detail but sometimes it makes me wonder why ppl “like” me so much. Like, a lot of people at church depend on me for things, they have this “image” of me that’s almost perfect and it’s like, it’s not real, you know? I don’t know, whatever I guess.

So last week Cuong and I house/pet sat for Sara’s family. I came by today to drop off their key and thought I’d get the pay today too but, guess not. It was really awkward reminding Laura (Sara’s sister). I don’t like to bring stuff like that up because…it’s weird you know? Whatever, I’ll just go back for it at some point. Lolz.

So anyway, the petsitting itself…I don’t know, it was alright I guess. I probably would’ve been more comfortable if Molly (the dog) were my own dog because half the time I was worried that I’d eff up in taking care of her and so therefore wasn’t enjoying it as much. But…I don’t know. Molly and the cats and the fish were sweet and nice but, they needed so much attention. I mean, I know all dogs want attention but, I sorta figured that once I get a dog he’ll be like me you know? Friendly, kind, but not “needy.” I don’t know. I’m rethinking getting a dog. Lolz. But overall I guess it wasn’t terrible. Staying at their house did make me want for our own house even more tho. Man I can’t wait until we can afford a house, a town house even.

Erm…I guess I can talk about Pita-ten in this post. It’s basically this really, really cute anime. It’s about this kid whose mother died (grammar?). An rambunctious but kindhearted well meaning angel in training befriends a too kind hearted motherly devil in training and end up being the kid’s neighbors. It’s an extremely cute anime. I guess what I wanted to talk about was that, apparently, according to wiki, the angel used to be the lover of an ancestor of the boy and so when she was sent down to heaven again she immediately took a liking to the boy, he was a reincarnation of the ancestor or something like that. It was weird because, the angel was older than the boy and so, at some points you were sorta confused as to their feelings for each other. The demon in training acted as kind of a motherly figure for the boy, making him obentos and such. So I guess my question is…the boy didn’t need a “lover,” he need a mother figure, which the demon fulfilled, so what really was the angel’s deal? Aside from being cute and bringing to action into their boring lives, she didn’t necessarily fulfill any purpose. IDk I’m confusing myself. Someone please google and watch the anime and discuss it with me. Lolz.

I think that’s it for this one. It was basically just a really random update. Lolz.

Posted April 16, 2009 by .unpaused. in Life

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