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Watched The Dying Room. I think it’s sort of absurd. Of course, I, by no means, think that the one-child policy is a perfect idea but…honestly…I thought the documentaries were stupid. I mean…China obviously has a population problem, wth do you honestly expect people to do about it? People as in the Chinese government. It’s inhumane that they made the one-child policy because now a buncha babies are being abandoned and left for dead in government run orphanages. Yes…that sucks as hell…but are the documentaries and the criticizers really doing anything to help? All they’re doing is forcing the Chinese government into the defensive and making the government try to hide more. The documentaries and their makers claim that the orphanages are understaffed…so why aren’t they pushing the U.N. to encourage or send nurses over to help the staff? They say the nurses are undertrained and don’t know why they’re doing, so why aren’t they pushing for doctors and nurses from places…like the US! to go over to China and start a training program? It sounds hard now because the Chinese government is already on edge about the issue but I mean, after a bit of negotiation, why wouldn’t China allow them to do it? I mean, China needs countries like the US for trade and economical reasons, so if you push the aid idea hard enough, they can’t refuse! But instead of doing helpful things like that, all the criticizers can do is sit around and…criticize. Yes…some documentaries did encourage some people to ask about adopting, but that only helps SOME of the babies. Why not do something to help ALL the babies overall??And, some of the documentaries angered the Chinese government so much that they pushed back adoption dates for Americans in the process of adopting…was that helpful? NOPE!

That and…right now China has a one-child policy that is inhumane…but if China did something else (really, what CAN they do?)…such as….

1. Force Chinese citizens to leave for other countries

– Problem? Other states are only going to accept Chinese immigrants for so long. After awhile, countries are going to stop allowing Chinese people to come into their countries for fear that they’re going to take over the planet! Then China’s gonna be like…”WHY aren’t you letting Chinese people into your country? You hate Chinese people? WAR!” And other countries are going to be “WHY are so many Chinese people leaving and coming to our countries? You must be trying to take over! You must be staging a COUP! WAR!”

And then everybody dies.


2. The Chinese government could order mass killings of the population…

– Problem? I’m not even going to explain. It’s a DUH really.


3. The Chinese government lifts their ban. Everybody has as many babies as they want.

– Problem? Within a few years…there’ll too many people, the countryside will be destruct…People will starve…the country will be in ruins…There’ll be a mass migration anyway…People will die anyway…Those same people who are criticizing the one-child policy now will come up again to criticize China’s rising population…

Another thing that is inhumane about the policy, according to the documentary makers, is that the government is forcing people to abort babies…and become sterile and shizz. OK so say that doesn’t happen. These people, since they’re already pregnant, are allowed to have their babies and the baby comes and they have to pay more money (money they don’t have) to raise the baby…or maybe the baby turns out to be a girl and they end up abandoning her into those government run orphanages that leave the babies to die and THEN WHAT? Did letting them have their babies help..? NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

So honestly…WTHell do you expect a country to DO???

I’m not Chinese by the way…nor am I Communist…I’m actually not a fan of Communism because of my attachment to Viet Nam…but I just think that it’s absurd for criticizers and documentary makers to sit around and do nothing when if they had so much power…they could be doing much more.

Ok end rant. Just something to think about.

Posted April 16, 2009 by .unpaused. in Musings

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