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Ok aliens…yea my desire to talk about this topic died down. I was just thinking about it yesterday during honors astrobio. Why is it that…ok…why do humans think that the only way that there is intelligent life on other planets is if the conditions are the same as that on Earth? I mean…what I’m being told in astrobio is that…Unless there is liquid water…unless there is a carbon cycle…unless there is plate tectonics, then it’s very likely that life cannot exist on that planet. Why? Why does conditions for life have to be exactly like they were on Earth for there to be intelligent life? And another thing…why do aliens have to look different from us? I mean, since humans think that to have intelligent like, a planet has to have about the same conditions as Earth did, then wouldn’t the organisms living on those planets also develop the way Earth’s did? I mean, I’m not expert but that’s kind of a contradiction isn’t it? I mean, I know that the development of life is really delicate and all but…still…Ok I’m just…being random now.


Posted April 16, 2009 by .unpaused. in Musings

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